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Ideas For Summer Classes You Can Take

The article talks about on different activities that you can do during summer season. There are many choices of activities that you can do that will surely make your summer vacation unforgettable.

5 Perfect Practice Points to Picking Perfection or “What to Should I Be Practicing on the Guitar?”

So you’ve finally decided to take learning the guitar seriously? Good for you! You love the music, you’re enthusiastic and you’re raring to go.

Looking to Learn Classical Guitar? Read This First!

Are you looking to learn classical guitar? Are you wondering where and how you should get started? Are you not able to decide if you should take guitar lessons from a teacher or learn from home? If so, make sure you read this article fully. By the time you finish reading it, you will have the answers to all your questions.

Learning How to Play the Guitar: Getting Started

As I was growing up, I watched a lot of MTV (back when they actually played music videos!). Watching great musicians like Slash, Kurt Cobain, And Eric Clapton tear it up on the guitar was the catalyst for my passion for playing the guitar!

Your Guitalele Questions on Chord Charts and Tuning Answered

The Guitalele (sometimes incorrectly spelled “Guitarlele”) may be new to you now but you’re sure to hear much more about this unique instrument in the months to come. The Guitalele (GL-1) was originally introduced by the Yamaha Corporation in 1997. But only now, in 2011 given the huge popularity of the Ukulele around the world has it been made available in the US. Many musicians refer to the Guitalele as half guitar and half ukulele.

The Best Way To Learn To Read Music

Learning how to read sheet music will take your musicianship to the next level. However, you need to think carefully about what method of learning to use so that you make fast progress.

How Do I Sing Better? – Tips to a Better Voice

Are you asking yourself how you can be a better vocalist? How do you sing better? Here are some simple tips to improve your singing immediately.

The Singing Voice Visualized – Overcoming Barriers With Imagery

If, as an aspiring singer, you have ever dealt with such issues as: upon hearing your recorded voice back, think, “Eeeww, that’s not me!”, or you run out of energy and can’t seem to complete a phrase seamlessly, then you could benefit from using various concepts of reinforcement in the form of visualization. Singing is a joyous mode of self expression, so to convey yourself with a full palette of the senses is the most effective way to move your audience.

Why Certain Singers Cry When They Sing

Do you know why singers cry when singing? Find out now.

Importance Of Learning Terminologies Of Music Theory for Guitarists

All of us know that music theory is the language of music. Thus, the Terminologies of music theory are its vocabulary. That is how we communicate terms in music theory.

Tips to Singing Harmony

Are you interested in knowing how to sing harmony? Learn these steps to help you to start singing harmony.

Why Portable Keyboard?

Why would you prefer a portable keyboard instead of a real acoustic piano? It doesn’t look like an acoustic piano! Really? It doesn’t sound like an acoustic piano! Or does it? It doesn’t feel like an acoustic piano! Are you sure? Many people have some kind of prejudice when comparing both types of pianos. But the question is: did they do their research? Or did they ever try to compare them both? If you are one of the people that are still skeptical about portable keyboards, just read on and you may just change your mind.

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