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Teaching Yourself Guitar – Why Two Courses Are Better Than One

If you’re shopping for the perfect guitar course or online membership site stop. There is no one perfect program, and in some cases you may need more then one program to really master the guitar and all it’s complexity. In this article I’ll outline my journey of using more then one course to master the guitar and why I feel it’s the best way to teach yourself guitar at home.

1 Easy Way to Stop Spending Thousands on Recording Gear (And Make Great Sounding Records)

Ok, I love toys. Gear of all kinds. From my smart phone to the Mojave Audio tube condenser microphone I use in my project studio. Gear is fun! I love walking into new studios and checking out what gear they have. Pre-amps, compressors, all of it. But, there’s a downside too. Keeping up.

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Drum Sticks

Are you just starting out on the drums and confused about which pair of drum sticks to get? Here are a few tips to help get you started.

The Yamaha Dtxplorer Trigger Module

As with any electronic drum kit, the Yamaha Dtxplorer is driven by a neatly packed trigger module which is located above the hi-hat pads to the left hand side of the facing musician. This enables the drummer to easily change a variety of settings on their kit with relative ease and which can even be done during songs depending of the complexity of the change. This article will give a high level basic overview of the trigger module and explain the various buttons and their respective functions.

Secrets To Help Your Child Succeed With Music Lessons

Everyone is short on time these days. Children and parents have many activities and a never ending list of chores and “to do” lists. This is not a course in time management, but I can give you some ideas to help your child get the most of his practice time.

Circle of 4ths and 5ths – Writing Songs Part 2

This article will show you further ways in which you can use the circle of 4ths and 5ths to improve your song-writing ability. You’ll be introduced to the Roman numeral system which is used by musicians to show the relationship between chords and that will guide you in choosing chords that go together well.

Where to Start If You Are a Beginner and Want to Learn Guitar Chords

Learning guitar chords is one of the first steps every new guitarist needs to take. And not without a reason. Guitar chords are the foundation of every popular song. By mastering them you can impress your friends and relatives, or it can be a first step to your guitar stardom.

Acoustic Guitars – Techniques To Quick And Simple Guitar Playing

So what’s the secret? Besides lots of daily practice and repetition there are several key areas that a starter should focus on in order to build a strong foundation of skills. Once you know certain key techniques, then you’ll find that learning new songs or creating catchy riffs on your guitar comes naturally.

Educate Yourself Proven Methods To Play Classical Guitar Via The Internet

Have you ever before wanted to grab the guitar and get started on strumming your own tracks but procrastinated? How about appreciating pros who are performing on stage?

Teach Yourself Simple Methods To Play Beginner Guitar Via The Web

The acoustic guitar is among the list of most favored musical instruments on the earth. Mainly because of its versatility to be either an accompaniment or a single musical instrument, it is quite well-liked. Now, any person can learn to play the guitar freely with the wide selection of guitar lessons readily available on numerous websites.

Make Hip Hop Beats From Home

The truth is people often make it difficult on themselves to make hip hop beats because of the simple fact that they over think the situation. What I mean by that is how many of you listen to a beat and think how in the world did he make that. I even raised my hand on that one.

What Are Blue Notes?

Blue notes are specific flattened tones used in jazz and rock melodies. They create a specific quality of sound known as “blue.”

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