? How to Play “Papa Ain’t Salty” by T-Bone Walker on Guitar – Lesson Performance – TrueFire

Circle Of 4ths and 5ths – Major Scales And Key Signatures

The circle of 4ths and 5ths has many applications when learning music theory. Some of the most useful are knowing how to find out the notes of each Major scale and finding and recognising key signatures for each key.

How to Buy a Violin for Beginners – 3 Easy Steps

Finding out how to buy a violin for beginners does not need to be difficult but it can take time. The violin is a hard instrument to learn and play well and it can lead to many beginners giving up quickly, which is something that you have to think about before you decide to go out and buy your own instrument and opt to spend hundreds of dollars on one.

Learn to Play the Piano the Right Way

It used to be that when you wanted to learn the piano, it was common sense to hire a piano teacher. Today however, there are so many resources on and off the Internet about how to play the piano that taking formal lessons almost seems like unnecessary expenditure. There are even excellent kinds of software out there that allow you to learn the piano by yourself. Still, there are many advantages to taking private piano lessons that you won’t get when just learning to play alone.

Play Guitar For Fun Or Fame

So how do you get started playing guitar. Here are two simple tips to help you get started. First, get yourself a good acoustic six string guitar. This is where you learn the basics. You can then move on to the electric guitar later. Second, get yourself good instruction. Private lessons are great but costly and limited to a time schedule. There are some excellent guitar instruction courses available online. These courses are packed with content, reasonably priced, and you can learn at home at your own pace.

Play The Guitar – Low Slung Guitar Slinger

Forget about trying to look cool with the low slung guitar super star pose. Put your guitar on in a standing position and adjust the strap to different positions until you find the position that is most comfortable for you. Learning to play standing up with your guitar in a comfortable position will speed up your learning process. You will develop a much better performance approach to the neck of the guitar.

Play The Guitar – I Just Want To Play Rhythm Guitar

It’s perfectly alright to just want to play rhythm guitar and sing and write songs. There’s just something so magical about sitting down with your guitar and coming up with a really captivating chord progression and then developing a chorus and maybe a catchy bridge to transition with. Songwriting is an amazing gift and if you have it you have to get a guitar and start bringing those songs to life.

Learning Guitar – What’s With The Pain In My Finger Tips?

Here’s the question we hear so many times. “I just started learning to play guitar and the tips of my fingers on my fingering hand hurt. Why, and will it always hurt?” No, the pain will stop. This is actually really good news. It shows progress. This is because your soft finger tip is pressing down onto a hard metal or nylon string. The more you do this the more you will build up callous on the tips of your fingers. If you have that creative fire to play guitar, go for it.

Teaching Music To Children

Teaching music to children is one of the most of the important things a music teacher can do. It is very easy to teach music to children because naturally children learn through hearing. Children are auditory learners beginning at birth.

5 Things To Know Before You Learn How To Play Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar is a guitar that uses acoustic technique. There are several kinds of acoustic guitars. But for basic and uniform discussion, let us refer to the regular acoustic guitar that most people use, one that has 6 strings.

The Song Is Everything!

So what does it take to create a marketable song? One that you can maybe sell to another artist, get published or get placed in a television show? Well, the answer to this question is of course subjective and can be debated all day (and night!) long. However, I can share with you a few simple rules, that based on my experience, have made all of the difference in my music career.

Music Practice Tips – Creating the Ideal Practice Environment

We all know that practice is the single most important element in making progress on your musical instrument. The space in which we practice does not have to be a dedicated room or studio. The corner of a bedroom is all that is required.

Defending the Use of Music in the Arts Classroom

Does the use of background music effect art production in the high school classroom? After preliminary investigations, one art instructor believes the use of music during creative time could positively influence student art making.

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