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Want to Learn Guitar? Start With the Basics

When learning how to play the guitar, knowing the basics is the key. You must learn all the notes that make up the neck, then learn the chords, then finally use the combination of notes and chords to make music.

Why You Should Start Teaching Guitar Lessons

There are tons of good guitar players in the world today, but not very many good guitar teachers. Maybe that’s because being a good teacher requires a different set of skills. It takes more than just expertise on the guitar… being a good teacher also requires patience, courage and a little knowledge about psychology to help someone truly learn to play well.

Piano Exercises – Tips and Advice for Beginner Pianists

What are piano exercises and how can they help you develop strength and flexibility at the piano? When you begin playing piano, simply the act of pressing down the keys and synchronizing your fingers seems more than enough!

Enjoy Singing and Learn How to Sing

As a self-taught female independent musician I started to make creative music and experimental electronic pop of sorts while laid up with disabling back pain. I have had to find out for myself how to sing by discovering voice exercises, joining a community choir and investing in the occasional lesson with a helpful vocal coach.

Traditional Rope Tuned or Modern Key Tuned Djembe?

In selecting a djembe drum to purchase, you need to be aware of which of the two main types you would like to own as regards the way the djembe is tuned. This article looks into the key aspects of these two djembe tuning systems.

Does Learning How To Read and Play Music Make You Smarter?

We all know the world is a competitive place. What if you could give your child an edge over other children their age? What about you? It’s never too late to start getting the edge and have fun doing it!

Piano Lesson Download – Top 3 Reasons To Try Online Piano Lessons

Many people are curious about trying a piano lesson download but are wondering if these types of lessons are worth their time and/or money. The article below will discuss 3 of the top reasons these lessons are worth it and why you should try them if you have ever wanted to learn. The piano can be a difficult instrument to learn, however there are many different levels of skill and just because you might not ever become a concert pianist does not mean that you can’t learn to the play the piano beautifully and have a lot of fun.

Playing Jazz Charts

Unlike classical compositions, most jazz compositions are written in a kind of shorthand – the melody is written out, but the harmony is represented by chord symbols, and the rhythmic feel is called out in a word or two at the top of the page. If it’s a swing feel, the melody may be written in 4/4 or 3/4, but there is an implied triplet feel which if written out, would look more like a 12/8 than a 4/4 time.

Jazz Guitar – Playing In a Group

Let’s say you know some jazz tunes, can improvise, know your scales and chords. and how to apply them to a jazz tune. What happens when you play with a group? Well, first how much do you play and what kind of lines or chords do you play? This all has to do with developing sensitivity to what the group needs.

Piano Lesson: Practice Tips

How do you practice the piano? Even if you are taking a break from piano lessons over the summer, you should still continue to practice.This way you will keep moving forward with your progress. Here are some tips to help you get started with piano practice early in the day, before any other activities.

Why You Need To Know How To Hold A Guitar

One of the first things you have to learn when wanting to play the guitar is how to hold a guitar. This is vitally important so that you reduce strain on your back. This article reveals, in detail, how to hold a guitar the correct way.

Guitar For Beginners – Play The Guitar The Right Way – Never Give Up

Oh, the road ahead seems so long. The guitar seems impossible to master, yet all of your friends seem to excel. What to do, what to do! Don’t fret! Help is on the way. Beginners, read this article for important tips regarding the process of learning how to play the guitar the right way.

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