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Can Anyone Sing?

Is singing a gift that you posses or can anyone sing? There is often a misconception that good singers are born and good singing cannot be learned. While some of us are born with the inherent talent of singing and have a good voice there are others who have practiced for several hours to learn this wonderful art.

Finding the Right Piano Lessons For You

Piano lessons are an age old phenomenon, evoking images of old Europe in classical parlours where children were forced to play the leading composers of the day. Even within the last several decades, this kind of piano and music education has been passed down.

Why You Must Make Your Kids Learn Piano?

Every parent out there want their kids and children to be a genius and perhaps an all rounder. However, each child is gifted with a special ability and is different from the rest. But that does not mean you can’t make him or her an all rounder.

How To Practice Voice and Singing Techniques

Learn how to practice voice training and singing techniques so that you can get the most out of your voice lessons. Most teachers do not tell their students how to practice when practice can make all the difference in the world.

Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons – What Makes a Good Acoustic Guitar Lesson?

The acoustic guitar is an instrument that has inspired thousands of musicians across the world. There is a certain mystique to its natural qualities, and when complimented with vocals can make for some amazing sounds. As such, learning to play the acoustic guitar has become a goal of thousands of people worldwide – and learning to play it online via online acoustic guitar lessons is one of the easiest, most accessible and most affordable options to do so. So what exactly makes a good acoustic guitar lesson that will allow you to progress at the fastest rate possible?

Basic Beginners Guide to Learning Guitar

Nowadays authentic guitar enthusiasts out there and on a daily basis they’re working stronger to get greater and greater on their own guitars, perfecting their currently good talents. It is about excellence for most, while some continue to be attempting to figure out what all the areas of their guitar are known as. It doesn’t matter if you’re the newbie or the expert, there’s always more you can learn with the beginners guide to learning guitar…

Music Tuition – Learn to Play an Instrument!

Learning to play a music instrument is one of the most rewarding things that a person can do. Music is wonderful to listen to, and even more enjoyable to play. Many millions of people worldwide take up an instrument each year, some may wish to pursue their studies with a view to becoming a professional musician, whilst others are happy to play at home for their own enjoyment. Whatever the reason, making music is a great pastime.

Introduction to a Guitar and Its Parts

Every aspiring musician, who would like to focus on guitars, must first know the basics before he or she starts strumming away. Before rock stars learned how to strum the night away, they all focused on getting square one done: learn and be very, very familiar with the guitar’s basic parts. Before reading this article, it is advised that the reader must have at least a guitar beside him.

Back To Basics – Foundational Scratching

Scratching at its best can be very soulful and funky. Why is it then that so many people under use the techniques necessary to create that funk? I’m sure all of you are very familiar with James Brown. Undoubtedly he has influenced generations of musicians.

Guitar Instruction Products – How To Decide What’s Best For You

When you make the decision to commit to learning an instrument like the guitar, it’s important to find the right lesson program and support community. With the right program you can effectively learn about chords, scales, theory, tone, and tempo. As with many topics, the internet provides an extensive range of learning options, and it can be overwhelming to select one program. However this will establish a stronger fundamental skill set that will pay off in the long run. Here I’ll talk about some considerations that will keep you focused.

Piano Lessons and Their Benefits for Kids

It’s always been said that babies benefit a lot from listening to certain types of music. But did you know that kids, as soon as they’re ready, can also gain much from learning how to play music. In particular, taking piano lessons gives kids more than just knowing how to press the right keys. Learning how to play the musical instrument goes beyond knowing how to make a melodious sound. School performance, overall coordination and concentration, self-esteem, and other skills seem to be better for kids who received piano instruction than those who didn’t.

Why Is Music Written As It Is?

This often asked question is asked because written music consists of strange shapes and lines, which we know as sheet music. Music is written in the way it is, to make reading of it easy and quick. To facilitate this a graphical approach has been chosen as it is easier to understand quickly than the written word.

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