? How to Play “T-Bone Shuffle” by T-Bone Walker on Guitar – Lesson Performance – TrueFire

Learning Acoustic Guitar: Tips For Learning How to Play

Latin rhythm? First, the thumb plucks the open A string for a bass note. Next, finger one plucks the third string, which is sounding an A.

Effortless Mastery in Fiddling

The term “effortless mastery” in music performance can be intimidating, but it need not be. Here it is applied to fiddle playing. Based on “Effortless Mastery” by Kenny Werner.

How to Teach Music to Kids – Simple Ways to Keep Them Interested

If you want to check or develop your kids’ talent on music, you may want to start early. Indeed, music is one good thing to teach to children and in fact, it is in early training that they get to do good with a particular instrument or with music later in life.

Learning Piano Made Easy – 5 Basic Mistakes That Most Beginners to Playing Piano Do

Having been a piano teacher for over 6 years now, I have identified many common mistakes that most beginners to playing piano generally have. They are quite easy to rectify yourself as long as you are aware of them.

Teaching Music to Children – Tips to Keep in Mind

Teaching music to children can be a good thing. Of course, music is one of the great things that very young kids can appreciate and learn. The love of music can be good as well if started at a young age so they can hone it as they grow up and master it in the years to come.

Learn Guitar: How To Play Chord Melody Style Guitar

Do you know the simple tips to play notes and chords together on the guitar? You will when you read and use this article.

How to Create a Blues Guitar Riff From Scratch

Looking to brew up some blues guitar hoodoo but don’t know the mystical formula? Though the blues is a deceptively simple guitar style, you can get started creating your own classic blues guitar riffs with a few simple tools. Check it out…

An Introduction to Reason 5.0

Propellerheads Reason is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This means it is a piece of software used for creating music on the computer. Reason 1.0 was created in November of 2000 and in 2010 Reason 5; the most current version was put on the market.

Improve Your Guitar Skills by Taking Guitar Instruction Online

Always wanted to play guitar but feel it would just be too difficult? After reading this article you’ll see just how simple it is to begin learning the guitar from an online guitar course site today.

There Are Many Opportunities For People With Guitar And Lessons

Learning to play a musical instrument is an exciting task. However, they often take a lot of time and patience to learn to play. There are many different musical items to choose from when deciding what to choose from. Many people choose items such as the drums or the guitar. These things take time and patience to master.

Discover Why Easy to Play Piano Songs Will Help Beginners Learn to Play The Piano

When you first start to play piano, the first thing most teachers will show you is the notes on the piano. It’s a repetitive pattern and once you’ve memorized this, the next step is memorizing and learning where the notes are on the piano. As it just repeats and repeats, the next stage is to remember and learn where all the C’s are and all the G’s are e.t.c.

Guitar Lessons For Beginners Online Or Learn How To Play The Guitar With A Guitar Teacher?

Now that you made the decision to learn how to play the guitar, you will need to do some research as to whether to start guitar lessons for beginners online or learn how to play the guitar with a guitar teacher. This is a tough choice as there are pros and cons to each method of learning how to play the guitar.

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