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Only the Adjusting Truss Rod and That Guitar Pick Up Can Keep the Eternal Fires Burning

Talk about a revolution that has changed the lives of the people and the destinies of the nations that came out of the womb of these revolutions. There is no doubt that these revolutions like the bringing down of the Berlin wall to unite the nation of Germany from the divided capitalist West Germany and the communist East Germany changed the lives of the millions of people.

That Instrument Called Guitar and That School Called Lutheir School

It is a well known fact that music knows no barriers. It knows no culture, no religion, no borders and least of all the instrument that it is coming from. And one of the instruments that has really won the hearts of the people across the globe goes by the name of Guitar.

Tips in Finding Bass Guitars for Sale

If you want to buy a bass guitar, here are some very important questions you might want to consider: Why buy an expensive and over-your-budget bass guitar when you can buy the same stuff on sale? Is it really necessary to concern yourself with style of your hardware rather than the technique you might want to learn? For the sake of your financial capability and overall practicality – and even experts agree – finding a bass guitar should never be a hassle.

3 Ways to Generate Ideas for Songwriting

Songwriting is something which gets easier with practice like so many other things in life. After you’ve been songwriting for a time, your brain gets accustomed to coming up with ideas on its own and gets in a system where is constantly churning looking for great melodies and great lyrics on its own. If you’re not there yet yourself, there are other things which you can do to kick start ideas for songwriting which I use frequently. In this article I’ll cover 3 ways to come up with ideas for songwriting.

Why You Should Learn Piano Online

Anyone who puts their mind to it can learn piano online today. It used to be the case that the only real option for learning to play the piano was to have years of regular, face-to-face lessons with the associated costs in terms of time and money. Now, thanks to the internet, we have more flexible, cost-effective options that work at least as well, if not better than traditional methods.

A Review of the Jamorama Guitar Instructions Course

Jamorama is an online downloadable based guitar course. It includes two extensive eBooks/guides, one for beginners and one for advanced techniques, and roughly 150 step by step video based lessons which comprises over one full year of lessons.

Beginning Guitar Check List

Going it alone as a very beginning guitarist can be tricky because you don’t get your road map through the musical trip which a guitar tutor can offer. It’s harder to master intermediate and advanced guitar techniques for those who do not have the fundamentals down to begin with. I am going to provide you with a checklist of guitar techniques every single guitarist really should understand, plus the order you should learn about them all in for the simplest progression.

Three Must-Try Bass Guitar Playing Techniques

Any bass guitar player will tell you that there are so many ways to change the texture of a song by their playing techniques. While guitars have 2 common techniques-strumming and picking-bass guitars has a myriad of slides, slaps and pops to create unique sounds and dynamics. It is no wonder that bass guitarists seem a very indispensable member of any band.

Beginner Guitar Lessons Jamorama Style – Review

Beginner Guitar Lessons offered by Jamorama are perfect for novices. Jon Coursey and Dave McKinnon created a step by step award-winning online course. With over 200,000 students, Jamorama has hit on a teaching method that works.

How to Choose an Ideal Bass Guitar Starter Pack?

When buying your first ever bass guitar starter pack, isn’t it great to know that what you’ve purchased is value for money? It is like going into a musical expedition with all the necessary tools at hand, ready to help you achieve your dream of slapping the bass like Larry Graham. It is no wonder buying a bass guitar starter pack is a great way to go. With that in mind, consider to check on these items before purchasing your starter pack.

Simple Bass Techniques You Should Learn

Arpeggios came from the Italian word “arpeggiare,” meaning to play on a harp. Some bass guitarists call it “sweep” or “sweeping.” It is a bass technique where each note is played one after the other in sequence; whether up or down the fret.

Cheap Bass Guitars Under $200

Cheap bass guitars should never be too pricey for beginners or a tad too cheap that the sound quality is compromised. Bass guitars under $200.00 promise the best of both worlds-cheap price and ideal tonal quality even professional musicians give a nod of approval.

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