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Learn How to Read Music – Tips for Beginners

If you have always wanted to learn how to read music, now is your chance. This article contains valuable tips for beginners who have always wanted to sing but were afraid to.

Diaphragm Singing Tips

There are many factors involved in learning how to sing the right way. Here are some valuable tips on knowing how to use your diaphragm properly so you will get the voice you always wanted.

How To Tune a Bass Guitar

Tuning a bass guitar can be a very difficult at first. It takes practice and is mostly by the ears. Do not expect to get it right on a first take.

Know Your Bass Guitar Stings

Strings are one of the most important parts of your bass guitar. The quality, material and type will always play key roles in giving you a unique sound. Learn more about bass guitar strings and experiment with them.

How to Properly Clean Your Bass Guitar

Lately, you’ve been playing to a lot of John Paul Jones and John Entwistle songs; dust, perspiration and dirt eventually puts a lot of toll on you bass guitar. If you want to jam with your bass for a very long time, it’s best to clean it up from time to time.

5 Tips for Beginning Your Music Career

Below are some tips to get your music off the ground if you are just starting out or maybe you’ve been failing to make any good progress, though your music is actually sounding pretty good. Sure, you may say, I’m just starting out and I can get by with some buggy pirated software, but no matter what profession you are choosing, be it producer, singer rapper or whatever else, investing in yourself is a must.

Why Do You Need a Bass Guitar Instructor?

There are only two options for you to learn how to properly play bass guitar; whether you hire an instructor or download an on-line course. Self studying can be a good idea provided that you already have a strong foundation in music; meaning, you are already playing other instruments like piano, guitar or even a violin. In this case, you already have a developed listening skill.

Beginner’s Guide to Bass Guitar Tuning

Practice makes perfect. It also applies with tuning your bass guitar. The most important key for having a well-tuned bass guitar is to actively practice on listening to different bass notes.

How to Make a Professional Song

The music creation process has often been seen as daunting by the novice musician yet ask any professional musician and they’ll tell you that feeling barely goes away with time! This is because every project is different and requires a whole new mind-set each and every time. Sure you will begin to work faster and improve your workflow but every record is a new learning experience.

Dealing With Disappointment From Your Music

So you submitted your demo and got no call back, maybe you were expecting to win an achievement for your music and yet nothing came or an opportunity you’d been working on for months if not years gets taken away in the blink of an eye. All this and much more leads to an unpleasant feeling known as disappointment. Feeling disappointment resulting from rejection will likely lead you to focus all your thoughts on that one disappointment and will likely lead you to feelings of bitterness, anger or rebellion.

The Best Way To Teach a Kid How To Sing – Make It FUN!

When you’re teaching little ones how to sing, you can’t talk to them about the different registers, breaks, support and all that other grown up stuff,..you’ve got to make a game out of every technique. The little guy didn’t know he was learning how to relax, but he did AND he had fun.

Lets Get Real About Voice Lessons

The plain and simple truth is, You can’t learn voice from a pre-recorded lesson, YouTube, DVD or even sitting in on another person’s lesson. The singing voice is as unique as DNA. Not only is every voice different, but it comes with its own set of quirks. Major vocal issues, such as a breathy tone, can be addressed generically. The big problem with this type of generalized teaching is, each person is different and assimilates information differently.

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