? How to Solo Like Albert King – Blues Guitar Lesson from Andy Aledort

Harmony In Singing: How To Blend Your Voice In A Singing Group

Are you a singer in a music group? Are you a chorister in your local church’s choir?

Hip Hop Ghost Writers

Hip hop ghost writers are writers who compose hip hop lyrics or beats for their clients who tend to be artists, producers, or agents. The ghost writer typically provides full confidentiality and gives up all rights and ownership to the song lyrics or instrumental beat track. Hip hop writers play an important behind-the-scenes role in the music industry today.

Do You Have What It Takes To Learn Piano By Yourself?

So you want to learn to play piano and you’re excited to get started, but how should you start? Learning to play piano by yourself can be both economical and more convenient, allowing you to learn at your own pace and fit your piano lessons and practice around your lifestyle. But…

Flute Lessons: Benefits of Learning the Flute Via Online Videos

Have you ever considered learning the flute online? This article discusses the pro’s and con’s regarding this 21st Century music aid.

Learning The Guitar Online – Pros And Cons Of An Online Guitar Course

Don’t let learning the guitar just be another one of those “I’ll get to it later” excuses. Learning the guitar can be one of the most incredible experiences you come across, as long as you try.

Online Guitar Lessons Vs Private Lessons – Is One Best?

Should you learn guitar online or offline? It can be a tough decision. Here is an unbiased look at the both the pros and cons of both to help you decide what option will be best for you.

How To Avoid 5 Teaching Mistakes So Students Won’t Be BORED While Learning

Frustrated unfocused students cannot learn effectively. What matters most in making your teaching successful – it might not be what you expect.

How to Practice Guitar the Least to Play Your Best

A simple way to practice guitar that radically increases your playing ability. This approach makes “Boring” practice time “Interesting” in less time on the fretboard than ever before.

How to Slow Down Songs Without Changing Pitch For Guitar Players

Guitarists & other musicians once only dreamed of a way to slow songs down without changing pitch to figure out tough those fast parts, especially solos in songs. The days of playing vinyl records at half speed (at an octave lower pitch) thankfully are gone. Here is a way to do it with your computer free!

Best Acoustic Guitar For Kids – 6 Essential Tips Before Buying

Choosing the best acoustic guitar for children can be a difficult and expensive task. Get it right and your child will enjoy the experience and progress rapidly. Getting it wrong however can turn a kid of the instrument for life! Here are 6 Essential Tips you need to read before buying an Acoustic or Electric Guitar for your Child…

Vintage Pickups – Information Your Students Need to Know

Teaching your guitar students some of the nuances of the art, whether it be through online guitar classes, or whatever your preferred method is, is something that will not only keep their interest high, but enrich their overall experience. Learning about some of the most prolific vintage pickups ever made and their differences is certainly a desirable thing to share. This brief article discusses a few of the important aspects of vintage pickups in general.

The Benefits of Discipline in Music

We have all heard that practice makes perfect. But there is to discipline in music than just practice. Find out why discipline is beneficial and necessary.

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