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3 Steps to Learn How to Play Guitar Songs

Learning how to play guitar songs and how to play guitar chords is high on every beginner’s list of things to do when learning guitar. Learn how to play guitar by following these three practical steps.

How to Teach Yourself Guitar: 3 Essential Tips

You can learn how to teach yourself guitar and how to play electric guitar for beginners in no time. Play the guitar effectively by following these simple and practical steps.

Learning How to Play the Blues Guitar

You can learn how to play blues guitar by mastering the basic scale and styles associated to blues music. You can also learn how to play guitar chords for blues by observing closely how experts are playing them.

Harmonica Notes In My Life

The sound of the harmonica is a sound that runs deeply throughout my life. In it there is a reminder of tunes played by my father, old folk songs played on the few occasions when he would display a measure of musical talent otherwise kept carefully hidden by this reserved man.He would never consider himself a musician yet he made music with his harmonica that was enjoyed by those who heard him play.

The Joy of Playing Piano

Learning piano is one of the best things I’ve done in life and something I still practice and continue to learn. After 21 years of learning and 4 piano teachers later, it is definitely an instrument I have learned to appreciate even if I have spent many hours frustrated about difficult songs.

Buying Acoustic Guitars for Beginners: 2 Simple Questions to Answer

There are two simple things you need to ask to buy the perfect acoustic guitars for beginners. Find out the two questions and the answers here.

Jazz Guitar

The pathway to quickly learning Jazz Guitar, and a wonderful new way to enjoy life! For those who want to learn how to play jazz guitar music, jazz guitar books can be a helpful start, especially if you have the patience to learn. However, after you download a pure pitch course, you can learn to play “by ear.”

Augmented Vs Diminished Chords

There are more kinds of chords than minor and major. Today, I want to discuss augmented versus diminished.

The Significance of the Bass Clef

The bass clef on the piano usually sounds deeper in tone and is typically played with your left hand while the treble clef plays higher pitched notes. So if you wanted to be a minimal one man band, your left hand would typically be the bass guitar while your right hand is lead guitar.

Moving From Guitar Lessons To Rock Band Classes

Traditional guitar lessons are only useful up to a point, and many people who like to play find that playing alone is simply not adequate. The traditional lessons typically consist of fingering exercises, and practicing scales, and it is not surprising that younger players become bored and frustrated. For anyone who is at all serious about playing electric guitar or another instrument in a band, rock band classes can be invaluable.

The Art of Practicing Guitar for Enjoyment, Growth and Mastery – Part 1

Let’s be honest, sometimes practicing a skill or trying to master skills we already have can really suck! Choosing to take on learning a new skill is very courageous on its own, but sticking with it until you actually master that particular skill is where the rubber meets the road. In this series of articles we’ll be discussing a few practice suggestions that, if applied, will multiply how effective your practice sessions are, as well as increase your overall enjoyment of the learning process.

Implementing Innovative Teaching Methods In Your Music Studio

Are your teaching methods stuck in the past? By implementing these simple ideas, you will increase student retention and attract new students!

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