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Playing Piano – Learning ‘Amazing Grace’

‘Amazing Grace’ is one of the world’s most well-known folk and gospel songs. This hymn was written by John Newton, an English clergyman and poet, and published in 1779. Newton was inspired by a brush with death at sea some years before that sparked the beginning of his spiritual journey.

Piano Lessons – How and When to Use the Foot Pedals

Foot pedals can greatly enhance music played on the piano, adding colour and expression. Using the pedals properly is an advanced skill. As such, it is recommended you have a working knowledge of basic piano playing before endeavouring to learn to use the piano’s pedals.

How to Play ‘Silent Night’ On the Piano

‘Silent Night’ is one of the world’s most popular and beloved Christmas carols. Composed in Austria by Franz Xaver Gruber and Father Joseph Mohr, ‘Silent Night’ is a beautiful piece of music that also happens to be relatively simple to play on the piano. While basic piano skills and a rudimentary ability to read sheet music are helpful, learning to play ‘Silent Night’ on the piano can be done without them.

Dream of Playing Guitar Like a Pro – Here’s What You Should Do to Get Started

Playing guitar is an art. Like any art, it can be perfected only with constant practice. As a beginner, however, you need proper guidance to be able to become proficient on the guitar and grow as a musician. One of the best ways to get the guidance you need is to take guitar lessons.

Sight-Reading Practice Tips

Sight-reading means playing through a piece for the first time. Every time you are given a new piece of music and looking it over, you are sight-reading. It can be very frustrating at first when you miss notes and struggle to play it. Did you know that you can practice sight-reading?

How To Play A Piano Made Easy! If You Have The Desire, You Can Learn!

This article talks about the different ways you can learn to play piano. There are many piano courses and teaching aids online. This article gives suggestions on how to sort through all the different ways to learn and find solutions that really work.

Teaching Yourself to Play Piano – Get Three Lessons And Great Advice

In order to guarantee success with teaching yourself to play the piano, you will need, apart from an instrument of course; you will need a firm foundation of keyboard knowledge. Actually knowing what you are looking at when you sit down at your piano or keyboard, without having to look at charts or keyboard layouts; I will help you with that here, in this article.

How To Play Piano – 5 Tips To Help Towards Teaching Yourself Piano

If you are a beginner to playing the piano, remember this, take it one step at a time, spend time on each step and make sure you understand what you are learning before moving on. This article is the forth of a series of seven articles each containing a little music lesson to help you get started and hopefully enable you to teach yourself to play.

Piano Lessons Online – Learn How to Play Music With Piano Lessons For Beginners

When learning to play the piano, whether it be online lessons or private tutor, you will no doubt want to get to a level where you can play a song, If you have read my previous articles you will have taken in some basic information as a build up to this. In this article I am going to show you how to play some chords, put them together and play a sing along you will hopefully recognise. This is the seventh in a series of seven articles; if you have followed them you WILL be ready for this.

Piano Lessons For Beginners – Lessons to Show You How To Teach Yourself To Play Piano

In this article, it is my intention to explain as simply as possible, how music scales are formed; this is a bit of music technology. The dreaded music scales; but nothing for you to worry about. Scales have been the curse of every young music student for generations. But they do not have to be. There is an easier way to learn your scales.

Exercises I Use in Rehabilitating Damaged Voices

Working with people who have had or continue to have Vocal Damage is tricky because they have much fear in regards to using their voices, and rightly so. This fear creates inhibitions which must be overcome by learning a healthy technique.

Learning To Play The Guitar – 4 Effective Tips To Learn The Acoustic Guitar Fast

Want to be a cool rocker or a country singer? Yes, it’s possible! All it takes are mastery of guitar playing and an acoustic guitar. Many people cringe at the idea of learning to play the guitar especially when they are past their high school or college days. They say that they are too old to learn and absorb the lessons of guitar playing. Quite on the contrary, anyone at any age can learn easily.

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