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7 Hidden Benefits of Keyboard Lessons Exposed

Many words have been written on the benefits of music for adults and children alike. The love of music and early exposure to its affects on the developing brain has a huge effect on the potential of young people to thrive in many avenues. We expose 7 of these benefits in this article.

Piano Chords For Beginners – Tips and Exercises

A chord in music is any set of notes that is heard as if sounding simultaneously. Lead sheets use chords to effectively provide notation for accompaniment for vocalists or other solos. Some knowledge of piano notes is necessary to play from lead sheets, but with some practice you can be playing in no time!

What To Do When You Want To Give Up Pursuing Success On The Guitar

Almost all guitarists go through the so called depression phase. You know what I am talking about. Nothing you play sounds the way you want it to sound, you do not see any progress in your playing, everything feels like a struggle and you think is it really worth all that effort and whether or not you should give up on the whole thing. If you experienced this phenomenon, you are not alone. I have had these kinds of thoughts many times and learned to deal with them using different techniques. I want to share these techniques with you.

Easy Guitar Songs to Learn for the Beginner

The Internet has greatly simplified the task of finding easy guitar songs to learn. If you browse even a few websites for guitar tabs, you can find a wealth of material. One of my favorite website for guitar tabs has over 1800 listed artists. With so much to choose from, finding your first song to play can be quite a daunting task.

Basic Guitar Notes for Beginners

Notes are the building blocks of chords and guitar solos, but guitar notes for beginners can seem difficult to master. In total there are no more than twelve notes. Of these, seven notes are named after the first seven letters of the alphabet, A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

A Review of YouTube Guitar Lessons

One way to teach yourself guitar is to check out the YouTube guitar lessons, that are readily available on internet for you. At least you won’t get embarrassed if you don’t get it first time. And you can work at your own pace too. You can pause and replay until you get everything right, that’s something you can’t really do with a live teacher.

Techniques for the Beginner Acoustic Guitar Player

As you explore all the different resources available to help in learning techniques for the beginner acoustic guitar player you may experiment with various styles. Starting with the fingering for a few chords, your first exercises will involve basic strumming.

Simple Jazz Guitar Lessons

An exploration of jazz guitar lessons can improve the music of any would-be guitarist, regardless of which type of music he or she aspires to. To understand jazz we should perhaps begin by paying a little attention to its roots.

Where To Find The Best Guitar Tutorials Online

The Internet has become a huge resource for anyone searching for guitar tutorials. Many websites have lessons for beginners and for more advanced players to explore. Some show tabs (check out guitar tabs for beginners), some individual notes (check out guitar notes for beginners), and others concentrate on chords.

How To Choose The Best Guitar Tuner Online

One way to know the pitch of your guitar is to get onto internet and use a guitar tuner online. After all, tuning your guitar is of high importance if you want your guitar to sound good.

Five Important Points to Consider When Taking Blues Guitar Lessons

The blues is one of the most popular sub genres of the guitar. While learning some styles can take years, getting started with the blues doesn’t have to and I’ve got 5 tips that if you take the time to learn and follow them will propel you ahead of the pack when taking blues guitar lessons. The Basics of 12 Bar Blues. If there is one essential ingredient in everything blues, it’s the 12 bar blues pattern.

Motivating Kids to Learn and Practice the Guitar

You’re all set having found the perfect guitar for your child. How can you encourage your child to practice and have fun learning on the acoustic or electric guitar with a minimum of frustration? Practicing the guitar isn’t always going to be fun, but it certainly should have more positive moments then negative. This article will give you some ideas to help your child find the fun and creativity in practicing the guitar.

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