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Copywriting Lyrics

Copywriting lyrics for a song is one of the various possible beginnings for talented, creative writers. Be it a simple narration of everyday life or an abstract idea, the task of translating an idea or an experience into a song can be quite taxing. Imagine copywriting the lyrics of a song based on a letter sent by a man who later committed suicide.

Help With Writing Song Lyrics

It is difficult to find help with writing song lyrics these days. The main reason for this is that the process of songwriting has no set formula. Nonetheless, here are some useful tips for a newbie.

Guide to Writing Lyrics

While this is certainly not “the” guide to writing lyrics, this is a collection of some interesting, basic things about lyric writing. Music is the soul of a song and it usually dictates the nature of the song and the lyrics. The word ‘Lyric’, is derived from the Greek word lyrikos, which means ‘singing to the lyre’.

Tips to Writing Songs

Gone are the days when tips to writing songs were hard to find. These days there are several websites brimming with such tips. While the trends and techniques have changed over generations, the basics of songwriting remain the same.

Write Lyrics to a Song

“Only a genius can write lyrics to a song such as this!” You might have heard people say this often. Though this is supposed to be a compliment for the writer, normal humans need not think that writing lyrics is beyond their ability.

Writing Your Own Song

Most of you have tried writing your own song once in your lives, perhaps for your respective girlfriend or boyfriend. However, writing your own song as a work of art is a totally different thing. So, it helps to know some basic stuff like notes, chords and scales before you start.

How to Get Into Songwriting

Many aspiring artists often wonder about how to get into songwriting. Though their creative minds find several interesting characters and events around them, they often fail to convert these inspirations into a song. There are various aspects of songwriting such as the music, verses and chorus, title and so on.

Learn Guitar Basics – Easy Guitar Chords

Do you know how the fastest and easiest way to learn chords on guitar? You will when you read and use this article.

How To Play A Suspended Chord

The suspended chord (sometimes called a suspended 4th chord) is constructed from the major scale using the first (1), fourth (4), and fifth (5) notes of the scale. The symbol for a suspended chord is the letters sus (or sus4), placed after the letter name of the chord.

Tips for Rap Songwriting

If you are looking for some tips for rap songwriting, you have come to the right place. Everyone will have their own special way of writing a rap song although, it takes some practice to perfect the skills needed in order to do so and it is always good to have some extra help along the way.

Finding Beginner Guitar Lessons

In the eyes of many beginner guitar players, finding beginner guitar lessons that are helpful and motivational can seem impossible and frustrating, to say the least. Finding tutorials and lessons, especially online through programs and websites that teach beginners to play the guitar, does not have to be so complicated, though.

Learn To Play The Guitar With Easy Steps

Playing the guitar can be difficult, and that’s no lie. Getting ready to learn to play the guitar, however, now that can be even worse. That’s because there are some decisions you have to make before you begin, decisions that take steps to work your way up to. Only after they are made can you begin playing, but it’s not such a big deal. It’s all about knowing what steps to take to help you make this decision with confidence.

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