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Studying Guitar Lessons At No Cost – The Bad Side

How do you feel attracted when you come across or see the simple word “free” when browsing? One day I was in search of “online guitar lessons.” I felt lucky and happy when I chanced on “Take Free Guitar Lessons.” I thanked God for the opportunity and straight away opted for it. Never did I know that I was getting less than expected until I registered. What really went on? I have summed them up for you below.

The Best Tips to Learn Guitar Effectively

For some people, music is everything. So, they also try to learn more about playing some music instruments. Some of the most common options are piano, guitar, violin and drum. What about you? If you wish to learn more about playing guitar effectively, there are several things you need to know very well. It is about the way to get the lesson and how you can do it properly.

What Is the 12 Bar Blues Form?

In a nutshell, the 12 Bar Blues is a piece of music consisting of 12 measures (or “Bars”), which follow a set of consistent and predictable chord changes. It can be played with a bluesy sounding set of chords and techniques, or the structure can be borrowed from the blues tradition and applied to country, rock, pop, or folk styles.

Studying Guitar Lessons At No Cost – The Good Side

The option of studying guitar lessons online at no cost has for sometime now been a worry to me. Like it is generally said “nothing is free in this world” I do believe that one should not rely on free items as a way to make an impact in that field of endeavor. However I will go contrary to the above belie when it comes to the reasons given below.

Learn To Play Bass Guitar By Understanding Bass Guitar Music

The bass guitar is an instrument which is slightly different from an ordinary acoustic guitar. It has a longer neck and scale when compared with that of a normal acoustic guitar. A bass guitar is a stringed instrument. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. In a bass guitar, the vibration of strings produces sound.

Understanding Their Importance And Why You Need To Learn Guitar Scales

The guitar is one of the oldest musical instruments of the world. The acoustic instrument which made its entry in the west, has gained popularity throughout the globe. The guitar has been an all time favorite instrument of musicians of all ages.Learning to play the instrument is exceedingly easy. Learning to play starts when you learn guitar scales

5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Beginning Guitar Player

For those of us in the music world, our New Year’s resolutions may very well have to do with playing guitar. If you are a beginning guitar player here are some “guitar” resolutions to consider for the New Year…

Help With Lyric Writing

If you are looking for help with lyric writing, you are either a beginner who is unsure about how to write or someone who is trying to deviate from the current way of writing. Either way, you believe strong words are necessary to compliment good music and you are looking for serious help with lyric writing. However, a song is very much like narrating a story.

How to Play Guitar Like Jeff Beck

In terms of style, technique and approach to the guitar, Jeff Beck’s is one of the most unique, almost to the exclusion of all the other greats…What is it that makes his style so unique and different?…

Singorama Singing Lessons Review

The Singorama How to Sing Like a Professional training package guarantees to offer you the courses and assistance essential for you to acquire the voice of a professional in a matter of ninety days! It includes two vocal lesson manuals, entertaining learning programs, and twenty-eight interactive audio modules. Singorama is without a doubt all you need to attain your ultimate goal to become an excellent vocalist irrespective of your present level of skill.

Copyrighting Your Lyrics

In these days of file-sharing sites, copyrighting your lyrics is essential in order to get due credit for your work. Unfortunately, not many know how vulnerable their creations are until they see a disfigured version of it. Since plagiarism has been here for ages, the first law to contain it was enacted by the then Kingdom of Great Britain way back in 1709.

How to Write Lyrics to a Song

How to write lyrics to a song is a question that puzzles every songwriter once in their lifetime. Writing lyrics is similar to writing poetry in many ways. While it is only word play for some, it is the revelation of those good, bad and ugly facets of life for others.

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