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Advice for Organists: Maintaining Accuracy in Organ Playing

Maintaining accuracy in organ playing is very important for organists. If you play a public organ recital or a simple church service, you have to be able to play without mistakes. Achieving this level is not easy because you have to know how to practice systematically and in the most efficient way. In addition, your performance has to be very focused and your mind has to stay in the current measure. Below you will find my most important tips on how to achieve accuracy in organ playing.

Organ Playing: Gaining True Left Hand and Pedal Independence

Gaining the true left hand and pedal independence is very important for organists. This is because the majority of organ of repertoire involves playing different melodic lines for your left hand and pedals.

How to Easily Provide Organ Accompaniments to a Weekly Parish Liturgy Without Stress

Church organists very often have to provide organ accompaniments to choir pieces and anthems every week. In other words, the organist has to be able to sight-read an unfamiliar organ score really well and to do it fluently during the public performance such as church service.

How to Become a Competent Organist

Playing the organ can be a very exciting activity and many organists dream to become competent and proficient in their playing. However, achieving this level when you can be fluent in your playing and free of mistakes is not easy because you have to know the exact and specific steps to achieve this goal. So in this article I will give you my tips on how to become a competent organist.

How to Improve Sloppy Organ Practice Habits

I have met many organists who wish they could practice more efficiently, more effectively and achieve higher results in organ playing. However, their organ practice habits are sloppy enough so it is difficult for them to achieve these goals. In order to help them overcome these challenges and change their practice habits I would like to share some tips in this article.

Organ Playing: How to Get Back to Your Solid Technical Skills

It happens very often that organists were quite accomplished in their youth. For one reason or another they stop practicing playing the organ and gradually their playing skills decrease. Little by little their finger technique is not as good, their pedal technique is not as advanced and their hand and feet coordination doesn’t work that well anymore. But later in life they discover that they want to come back to organ playing and start practicing the right way. So they wonder what the best way to get back to solid organ playing skills is. If you are interested in gaining your technique, coordination and fluency, then this article is for you.

How to Learn Organ Pieces by Heart

When you take an organ piece that you love and would like to master it, the last step in mastering this composition is to memorize it or play by heart. Many people find it really difficult to memorize and play by heart because they simply don’t know how to do it or they have been conditioned to think that it’s really difficult and only geniuses can successfully do it. However, there is a relatively simple yet powerful procedure in memorizing the piece. So here are my recommendations on how to learn organ pieces by heart.

Finding Time to Practice Organ

I have met many organists who say that they don’t have available time to practice organ. They would love to play this instrument but simply they can’t find enough time in their day. However, finding time for organ practice is easier than you think.

How to Become a Renowned Organist

Many organists want to become famous and world-renowned in their profession. Achieving this level, when you are famous and respected is not easy. It takes many years of consistent and effective practice and proper guidance from your instructor. Here I have a few recommendations that might help you to become a renowned organist.

How to Find Adequate Time for Organ Practice

Many organists complain that they don’t have enough time for organ practice. They have so many activities in their day and so they simply spend their days without practicing which doesn’t get them closer to their goals. However, finding time for organ practice is easier than you think. Here is what I recommend to you.

Online Guitar Lesson Tips-Learn How To String Guitar

Stringing a guitar can be very confusing if you never have done it before. Hopefully with this step-by-step online guitar lesson in stringing your instrument, you’ll be able to do it yourself in no time.

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