? Jeff McErlain’s Blues Rhythm Guitar for Beginners 1 – Intro – Guitar Lessons

Songwriting Apps – Should You Use One? Songwriter Lite Review

Using a songwriting app for your smartphone can help you with some of your ‘on the fly’ songwriting ideas. Check out Lindsay’s review of ‘Songwriter Lite’.

Practicing Guitar Effectively – 5 Tips to Improve Your Guitar Practice

Effective practice is essential to getting benefit out of your guitar practice sessions. Spending time practicing the wrong things or the wrong ways will not produce positive results. If you have spent years practicing guitar and have not had the results you wanted, then this article will give you exact steps to make changes in your guitar practice session to start producing the results you have always wanted.

Chord Progressions – How to Create a Chord Progression

A chord progression can be something as simple as a two-chord movement in a song or it can be a very complex chord movement with a different chord on every beat of the measure for several measures. There are no set fast rules to adhere to when creating chord progression; you just let your ear be the judge. There are however some general guidelines and common frameworks to be aware of when creating progressions.

Chords – The Foundation of Great Songs

Most of the time, chords are played in popular music. They are usually played on a piano or guitar. Nearly all the songs you hear on the radio have a repeating chord structure. Learn the most popular chord progression of all time.

Turning Scales Into Solos

This article explains how to turn the guitar scales you’ve learned into solos using the E natural minor scale at the twelfth fret. Melodic variation is the key to creating memorable solos and improving your own personal creative abilities.

Nothing to It! Piano Improvisation 101 for Skeptics

Improvising while playing the piano is easier than you think! It can be highly beneficial for your playing and overall musicianship as well as a lot of fun. There is no reason for the piano student not to learn to improvise. In fact, I highly recommend that you learn to do it.

Where to Find Piano Lessons

So you got a brand new piano you’re ready to go and excited to learn but you need a teacher! So where’s a good place to start if you need to find a quality instructor who is talented, educated and consistent? As it stands, you currently have basically three choices. You can either contract with an independent instructor or go through an institution or music teaching network. All three options have their pros and cons and in the following paragraphs I will try to outline those details.

3 Things a Singer Can Control When Doing Voice Warm Ups

Do you ever get that feeling when it seems like your voice won’t do what you want it to do, like it has a mind of its own? We have all felt that at some point in our singing journey. Well, you have more control over the function of your talking or singing voice than you think!

How To Use and Break the Rules To Be a Better Songwriter

When it comes to writing a song, or in any craft for that matter, some of the most interesting results come from when one breaks the rules. The one huge caveat that many songwriters forget when doing this is that you need to know and understand the rules before you can break them. You can break a specific rule to get some effect, but a great artist does for an artistic reason. They know the parts of a song’s structure and the purpose of each. The chorus, verse, bridge, solo, intro, development, outro, etc. all play a certain role in telling the story and taking the listener on that musical journey. For example the verse may set up a general mood, the pre-chorus may escalate that smoothly into a more intense and direct chorus, the bridge gives you a break from the repetition so that when you come into the last chorus it feels fresh again.

Learn How to Sing With Voice Lessons

Singing is one of the simple pleasures in life that almost anybody can enjoy. It helps us relax and enjoy ourselves with very little effort. As a matter of fact, many have made a living entertaining people with their amazing talent when it comes to singing.

Writing Songs and Creating Music

Music in general can be up to personal interpretation. With songwriting, there are certain formulas and patterns that have proven to be highly successful over a long period of time. If you want to write hit songs, it will take some musical knowledge, and a few successfully proven formulas for you to emulate.

How To Be A Better Songwriter And Stand Out As An Indie Artist

One thing I hear missing is not just lack of focus on the obvious attention to melody but also to song structure. It’s quite common to hear original songs that start off real cool then somehow loose the listener. And this is the kiss of death when trying to win over an audience of distracted listeners who have never heard you before. Too many songs tend to run on or go nowhere.

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