? Jeff McErlain’s Blues Rhythm Guitar for Beginners 2 – Intro – Blues Guitar Lessons

Play Music And Give Yourself Something To Become

Sometimes you think that you want more happiness in your life. You can become a happier person if you make your life an experience of daily discovery with a potential for fulfillment in the years ahead of you, but to do that you have to find a way to invest in yourself. Do you know what you might like to do?

Should You Take Singing Lessons?

Why take singing lessons? I can already sing? Is that true? Find out now.

Choosing the Best Piano Lessons In El Paso TX

The city of El Paso TX has a great deal of music schools and piano instructors and students wanting to enroll in piano classes often get confused which school to choose from or even whether they are getting the best value for their money. This is understandable but in this article, we’ll discuss ways of making the best selection.

Places and Points To Consider Before Getting Houston TX Piano Lessons

In an environment with so many places and centers claiming to offer piano lessons in Houston TX, it can be a challenge trying to locate a place that is decent and affordable. If piano lessons in Houston TX is what you are in the market for, here is some helpful information on places and points to consider before enrolling.

Guitar Modes and Guitar Improvisation

When it comes to improvisation on the guitar, it helps to understand the major scales modes, and use them as a road map to travel across the fretboard. When I use the term “road map”, it’s very much like an actual road map. A road map shows you how to get from point “A” to point “B” in numerous ways.

Considering a Few Factors Before Enrolling for Piano Lessons in Boston MA

Studies show a spike in demand for piano lessons in Boston MA. This can be directly attributed to new research that shows that piano playing proficiency can be a huge boost to one’s overall psychological and social wellbeing. Parents with kids also feel that playing the piano is a great after-school activity. But before you go ahead and commit to lessons in playing the piano, there are certain important considerations to look at.

4 Common Mistakes That Will Ensure You Never Learn to Play Guitar

Having taught guitar privately and in schools over the last ten years, I’ve seen the same common mistakes being made by new guitarists time and time again. Below I will cover the top 4 mistakes I see being made constantly by guitarists and how to overcome them.

4 Crucial Tips to Make You Play Like a Pro at Your Next Recital

Although many of us learn how to play the piano for our own pleasure, one of the biggest perks and payoffs of learning an instrument is playing for other people. We all know the joy and emotion we feel when we hear a good song. As a pianist, we are capable of making others feel the exact same way when we play a song for them! Recitals provide a great opportunity to do just that. Whether it’s your first recital or your 50th, there are still some things that can help you shine on stage at a recital.

A Short Guide to the Best Way to Learn Guitar – Frequently Asked Questions

I practice every day, but I am not getting any better and it is very frustrating. It is important to remember that in the beginning you will probably not make progress very quickly. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

A Short Guide on the Best Way to Learn Guitar

Learning guitar is a very rewarding experience. When you are first starting out there a number of things you will want to consider, in order to make sure you are learning guitar in the best way possible. Some of these include how you will prevent frustration, what type of guitar to learn on as well as how much time you can devote to your practice.

How to Create More Depth When Mixing Music

When you are recording and mixing music it is a good idea to have a vision before you start, whether it is acoustic music or electronic music. This means having a fairly clear idea of how you want the music you are mixing to sound. And rather than making a mix where all elements are loud or all elements are competing for the listener’s attention, there are a few things you can do to make the mix more pleasing to the ear, complimentary of the parts therein and maybe even three dimensional.

How To Play The Theme From Titanic On Keyboard Or Piano – Learn My Heart Will Go On

My heart will go on was written by James Horner who composed the soundtrack music for the film Titanic. The music was written on keyboard and piano and is perfectly suited to a budding musician who is learning this instrument. It has a beautiful captivating melody which will give any audience goose bumps, and is sure to impress an audience small or large.

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