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You Can Learn Guitar If You Can’t Read Music

If you’ve been one who hasn’t picked up the guitar because you can’t read music, guitar tablature is the answer. It’s much easier to learn than traditional music notation as it shows you where to place your fingers on what strings. Most guitar music is written in tablature (along with regular music notation in some cases) so you’ll have an endless stream of great music to play.

Teaching Yourself to Play Guitar – Ten Things To Learn The First Year

Having a good framework for learning when teaching yourself guitar means becoming a better player sooner and really enjoying the music you make. There are ten things to accomplish the first year to make sure you get started on the right track.

How to Write Lyrics Effectively

Learning how to write lyrics can be the most difficult or the easiest part of songwriting for different people. I myself am a more musical oriented person and consequently I preach writing music THEN lyrics. Most songwriters preach this order, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In this article I’m going to identify how to write lyrics using a number of effective tips to help you get over your writer’s block if you’re experiencing that and get you writing better lyrics right away.

Is a Music Teacher the Best Way for You to Learn Guitar?

All of us are drawn to the guitar for many reasons and objectives. For most, it’s safe to say, the desire to play for our own benefit is the primary reason for investing the many hours it takes to become proficient. It is an avocation; a fun way to challenge yourself. We have no intentions of playing the instrument in front of a group or in a group. If we do, it is invariably around the fireplace, campsite or at the church social. Others truly do wish to become good enough to participate in a group and look to incremental income as a gage of how well they are doing. Finally, some are determined to play the best music halls in the country or rock stadiums throughout the world. Which is it for you?

How Do I Become a Better Guitar Player?

To start with, I really believe that it doesn’t matter whether your Stratocaster’s marquee says Fender or SX; whether your acoustic is Martin or Yamaha. It doesn’t matter if your amp is tube or solid state. Nor does it matter whether you have an array of effects pedals. Backing tracks are inconsequential and a high degree of music theory isn’t necessary. Can’t read music? Not a problem. There are two things that you must have to become as better guitar player though.

Basic Guitar Practice Setup

Suggesting that there is a basic guitar setup is bound to generate an outpouring of comments, even attitude. Since this, in many ways, is a subjective issue, it’s best to simply detail what a typical and productive setup would be. Productive is mentioned since working (practicing) towards an outcome or betterment is the essence of practice. Isn’t it? Before getting into the setup itself, let’s take moment to define practice and address why it is an ongoing necessity.

Two of Our Favorite YouTube Guitar Teachers!

Recently, I was asked if there were guitar players/teachers who frequented YouTube and distinguishing themselves with both talent and teaching style. As a side light, YouTube has become an amazing source of talented guitar lessons and performances. Today, a young person with a modest instrument, can, with time and commitment, learn to play quite well. So, YouTube has become a very important influence on today’s musicians. That brings me to my point.

Why Guitar Players Should Gig

You have probably heard anecdotes from other scenarios such as sports, the theater, etc. that deals with the difference between practice or auditioning and the real thing. It is one thing to take a pitch in practice verse standing in front of the opposing pitcher in a real game. There is more at stake. You are emotionally involved and seldom are given the chance for a do over. This is exactly why guitar players should gig. During that initial period when a student is learning the music fundamentals, playing publicly often can be the last thing on their minds. If nothing else, they would tend to be fairly insecure and lack confidence in their ability to play for anyone other than their music teacher or their bedroom walls. It is a good thing really.

Creating Feel and Dynamics – Guitar Lesson

You can do a lot with just a couple of notes on the guitar or any instrument, but if you don’t include accents, silence, good phrasing, rhythmatic differences etc., your solo’s or riffs will quickly become uninteresting and predictable. For example when people speak they phrase words differently than you.

Learning Guitar Online: An Effective Method?

This article discussed the various ways of using the internet as a resource for learning to play the guitar. It weighs up the pros and cons of each, and suggests websites that might be useful to guitar students.

Video Guitar Lessons: Can They Work?

This article discusses the pros and cons of using video guitar lessons as a means of learning to play the guitar. It also suggest places to find video guitar lessons.

Chord Triad Improvisation Part 2: For Guitar

Welcome back to “Chord Triad Improvisation – For Guitar”, a four-part lesson series. In Part 1. we learned the 4 basic triad chord types (major, minor, diminished and augmented), and the 2 inversions for each triad chord type. We ended up with a total 12 triad chord forms, 3 forms for each triad type. We also learned that a triad is built by using the 1st, 3rd and 5th intervals of the scale.

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