? Jeff Scheetz’s Street Theory for Guitarists

Singing Exercises Are the Push-Ups of Voice Training

There is a temptation to view singing exercises as a mindless activity. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you want to become a polished singer you must take time to concentrate and focus on building a smooth working machine that incorporates body, brain, and voice.

The Homage Technique of Hit Song Writing

People always ask; “How do you write a hit song?” Record company professionals always say the surest way to have a hit record is to record a hit song, meaning do a remake of an old hit. As an aspiring songwriter this advise doesn’t help you unless you realize that you can rewrite an old hit song. Many people including Paul McCartney have admitted to using this technique.

The S6 Original Guitar From Seagull

This is my article of the S6 original Guitar. I Repeatedly admit that this is a fantastic instrument and I don’t believe that you will be able to select a better guitar around that will suit a variety of player abilities for such an affordable price.

How To Find Out-Of-Print Sheet Music

There are three steps to find sheet music for an out-of-print song. The key is to find the publisher of the song. Finding the publisher is easy because ASCAP and BMI maintain an on-line database of songs and their corresponding publishers, plus their mailing addresses.

How to Learn Guitar at Home

How to learn guitar at home is simple with these practical tips. By following certain systems for learning, you can learn how to play bass guitar for beginner and learn how to read guitar sheet music.

Learn The Sheet Notes Of The Piano

You have a piano and would like to know how to play it and how to read the sheet notes. But you ask yourself “What are the Sheet Notes?” You need to look at some background which includes what a note is and sheet music notation.

How Can You Learn To Read Keyboard Notation?

Learning to read music notation is vital when starting to play any instrument, including piano. This will involve you learning how to understand sheet music, which is basically a transcribed recording of the music formed into notation.

Teaching Guitar in the 21st Century

  Could I be teaching guitar without a computer? I could but I don’t! The computer is part of most people lives today with Facebook, Google, Twitter, iTunes and more.

Learn Piano For Beginners – Are You Smarter Than A Guitar Player?

Will learning how to play a piano make you smarter? Will it make your children smarter? Maybe if your dog listens to you while you learn to play, your dog will become smarter. While common sense says you have to have a desire to want to learn how to play, being exposed to additional benefits could gently push someone off the fence and provide the motivation to learn piano for a beginner.

Effects of Humidity and Temperature on Violin and How to Take Care of Your Violin

The violin is a very sensitive instrument and is made of many small parts. Proper maintenance is required to keep it in good shape and bring a nice warm tone. This article lists the effects of humidity, temperature and other factors on violin and violin condition.

3 Ideas to Help Accelerate Learning The Guitar

Although the novice period of understanding any musical instrument isn’t as much fun as fully mastering it, it’s quite probable to accelerate how well you’re progressing and get the important skills manageable without needing to devote a considerable period of time to them. The three how-to tips are made to increase your guitar learning and allow to move in the direction of intermediate along with advanced tracks as fast as possible.

3 Beginners Guitar Techniques That Are Necessary For You To Know

There are many different beliefs with regard to guitar instruction, as well as an equally large number of musical styles along with guitar procedures, however they just about all share some common features than any kind of experienced musician should be able to carry out comfortably. These kinds of three techniques are designed not just to maximize your playing guitar abilities, however but create a base that allows you to effortlessly pick up the skill sets that look extraordinary and sound amazing.

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