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How to Learn Classical Style Piano Pieces Faster

Musicians spend a great deal of time learning music. This article shows how I became interested in piano, how I struggled for years learning to play and how I finally discovered the best way to learn how to play advanced pieces. This method can be used by all, in music performance and other fields as well. It involves the relationship between short-term and permanent memory, as applicable to kinesthetic, harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic considerations. Note in the title I say ‘classical piano style.’ This means all the notes to be played are printed, and the ‘style’ is to play the notes as they are written. Another style is improvisation. This article deals only with classical style.

Arranger Keyboards – An Entire Musical Band at Your Fingertips

Not too long ago, Arranger Keyboards were thought to be little more than home entertainment, much like the chord organs back in the day. This is no longer the case. Arrangers have evolved into a necessary tool for the professional performing musician. These keyboard instruments are even showing up in the studios where their tracks are directly recorded from the arranger and put onto a CD for release. Of course, that makes sense, since the styles and performances are created and performed by world-class musicians.

Mixing That Music Right!

We receive numerous tracks that are mixed vocals against an mp3 track. STOP! This is not the way it is supposed to go down!

Tips For The Unassertive Musician

Do some musicians make you nervous? Can a single ‘look’ from a conductor make you shrivel up inside? Can the Bass Player sap all your confidence from you like a ‘Dementor’ just by being in the same room? Wouldn’t it be great if we could deal with these feelings and not let these people ‘psych’ us out? Well, here are a few techniques you may not have tried yet. Read on…

We Are Considering Purchasing A Keyboard, Do You Have Any Suggestions?

Choosing the right keyboard for learning to play the piano can be challenging. Here are 3 basic things to consider when choosing your first keyboard.

Start Playing Jingle Bells in 15 minutes – An Easy Piano Lesson for Everyone

‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…’ You can barely find a person who doesn’t know this Christmas song. It is popular almost all over the world, and it is pretty simple to play. And, let’s be honest – this song is a little bit overused, and may be annoying sometimes. Huh, nevertheless you still can’t play it, can you?

Common Aches and Pains for Beginner Guitar Players

So you just bought your new acoustic guitar and you are ready to jump right in and become the next musical icon, proving your parents wrong in the process. Well pump the brakes friend. There is a lot more to playing the guitar than just learning your favorite songs and strumming them over and over again.

Things You May Need When Learning to Play Guitar

You may have bought an acoustic guitar and think that is all you need to start playing. Though it is true that the guitar is the most important thing in this equation, it is far from the only thing. Making sure you have all the proper accessories can be equally as important. Here are a few things you should talk to your guitar instructor about to see if indeed you require them.

What to Look For When Choosing a Drum Set

Choosing a drum set can be a complicated issue due to the variety of drum kits available. Find out what you should be looking for when buying a drum kit…

Guitar Basics – 4 Steps to Choosing the Best Guitar For You

Want to learn how to play the guitar? The first step is clear: You need a guitar to play! But while the question is clear, the answer may not as simple as you think.

Approaching Mixing From Different Perspectives

Mixing music is an art form that’s difficult to grasp without quite a bit of trial and error. Whether you’re mixing on an iMac or a Windows PC, and regardless of what audio program you’re using, there are a few common ways to approach mixing the audio tracks within a song.

The Dimensions of Audio Mixing

While you’re mixing the tracks within a song you should keep in mind the dimensions of your music and how you can use them to help you create a better mix. Knowledge of the dimensions of music will also help you approach mixing more easily and understand the structure of your mix.

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