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7 Best Ways To Learn Guitar

So you want to learn to play the guitar? The best way is to spend years and years practicing and making your fingers bleed but there is another way. Here are listed seven ways to learn guitar.

Piano Lesson: Ear Training

Ear training is especially important if you want to improvise, compose, or figure out melodies and chords to songs by ear. A good musical ear is an acquired skill, not a gift. And like other skills, it is acquired through practice.

Piano Lesson Software – What Online Lessons Have That Traditional Lessons Don’t

The article below will discuss piano lesson software and what it offers to a student that traditional lessons don’t. For anyone interested in learning the piano who have been wondering if online lessons would work for them, this article will help you make that decision. You’ll discover the benefits as well as a few drawbacks to using piano software rather than going with weekly lessons with an instructor.

Learn to Play Guitar – Tips for Learning the Guitar for Less

Traditionally, if someone wanted to learn to play guitar, he or she hired a professional and started one-on-one training. This could be costly. The internet has made learning to play guitar easy and inexpensive.

Loudest Human Voice

In my first job as a teacher, I was called upon to talk at a meeting of prospective parents in the school hall. By chance (or was it malice on the part of my colleagues) I was put on first to talk about my area of responsibility, and I found myself in front of a rather squeaky and unreliable sound system. I chatted away, and did my bit despite the squeals and squawks, and handed over to the Head of Sport, who deliberately stood to one side of the mic, announced in a booming voice, “I don’t need…

Hold Violin Secrets: Tips on Staying Comfortable While Holding and Playing Your Violin

Like learning anything else in life, you have to get the basics of the violin down first. When you are learning to play the violin, one of the basics is how you hold a violin. Holding it incorrectly will give you neck and headaches, shoulder and arm aches, and fatigue. It will also be harder to glide the bow across. You should never have to fight your violin. The key is to learn how to hold a violin the correct way and relax.

Introduction to Pitch for Guitar

Here is a simple and fun introduction to pitch. Discussed is measurement of pitch as well as application to the guitar.

The Easiest Way To Learn To Play The Guitar

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the guitar? What is the best way to learn to play the guitar? Because you love the sound, because you love the feel of the guitar, maybe your hero in your favorite band is the lead guitar player. Whatever your reasons, you have decided to learn and are looking for a quick route to stardom.

10 Tips to Help You Learn Guitar Chords

It is cliche, yet it is true-practice makes perfect, especially when you want to learn guitar chords. You won’t get anywhere by giving up after a week or a month. The guitar is one of those instruments which requires utmost effort from its players; but that effort is surely rewarded in the end. Rest assured that it is perfectly normal not to get things right on the first try.

Top 10 Tips for Achieving Your Dream Blues Guitar Tone

Top 10 tips for getting the blues tone you have always dreamed of on the electric guitar. This article discusses Strings, Gain Settings, Pickup selection, effects and technique.

Violin For Beginners: How to Get Started on the Violin

What this all means is that the playing the violin for beginner students consists of more than learning where to put your fingers. It also is about how much pressure to apply to the glide of the bow hairs and how far to glide the bow forwards and back. It also depends on the amount of rosin that has been applied to the bow hairs, which of course is transferred to the strings. Getting those factors down correctly takes practice, a lot more than plucking a guitar.

Start With Easy Guitar Songs

For all the people who want to start learning the guitar, they have different reasons to do so. Some are very much into music and they just want to learn playing the guitar, some would like to play guitar in a band, some wants to express their selves through playing the guitar and a whole bunch of other reasons why. No matter the reason is, one cannot deny that a guitar really make wonderful music to the ears.

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