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Beginner Classical Guitar

Beginner classical guitar players need to first understand the paramount importance of learning how to read music for guitar. Learning how to read music for guitar helps the beginner classical guitar player become a better guitarist by improving his or her technique. Many classical guitar pieces were written by music masters, so learning to read what they have written will help guitarists play like those masters.

Beginners Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar

Learning to play acoustic guitar brings the pleasure of playing one’s favorite songs, the fun of playing music with other people, and the enjoyment that musician’s friends and family derive from hearing them play. This learning method puts a wealth of information at beginners’ fingertips at all times and provides a tried and true method of teaching novices to learn how to play acoustic guitar.

How To Hold The Violin Bow Properly

Knowing how to properly hold a violin bow is essential to produce a beautiful sound from your violin that is in tune. When the playing the violin, holding the bow correctly will insure the greatest possible ease in playing a smooth and even sound. It will aid in achieving smooth bow changes, dynamics, legato, staccato and much more in the violin learning process. Therefore, it is important to know the important steps holding the violin bow.

The Best Way to Learn Scales and Modes for Guitarists

If you are anything like me, then you find scales and modes a bit of a chore. Well that is a bit of an understatement actually, it’s downright horrific. Sitting there hour after hour playing through the G major scales up and down, up and down etc.

How to Recognize Musical Hearing

My experience of teaching has shown me that students can learn to play well even without exceptional hearing. The hearing ability can be acquired and depends on the efforts of the student and his/her exposure to the materials. In the article you will find several tools for developing musical hearing:

Songwriting: Know Your Target Audience

When making a song many artists forget one critical component, the audience. As much as songwriting and beat production involves personal satisfaction, in order to build a following you must think about who is going to listening to your music.

Beginner Guitar Books And More

Discover the best beginner guitar books on the internet along with beginner guitar advice, tips and techniques. You can choose what type of guitar and what style of music you prefer…

How To Hold The Violin Tips

Many violin players especially those who start learning often overlook the importance of the technique in holding the violin. This could to lead to bad habits and poor postures in the progress of learning the violin. There are ways to hold it fundamentally that will help increase anyone to improve much faster in learning the violin.

Tips on How to Play Reggae Rhythm Guitar

3 easy to play reggae guitar strumming patterns. How to use both hands to create a reggae guitar sound.

Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar – Beginner’s Guide

This is geared to people who are thinking about playing acoustic guitar for the first time. Information about buying a guitar and practicing is included.

Setting Up Before Learning The Violin

Violin is the most difficult instrument to learn but it is one of the most rewarding and beautiful instruments to play when mastered. In order for you to have a smooth and efficient lessons, these are the steps that you need to consider.

Organ Playing: How to Deal With Hard Tracker Action Instruments – 5 Tips

Playing mechanical organs can be a physically challenging task. Especially large tracker instruments might have a key action which makes it difficult to press the keys even without couplers. Organists often struggle when playing such instruments and quality of their performance can deteriorate because of that. If you are finding yourself in a similar situation, I have 5 tips for you in this article.

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