? Joe Bonamassa Shows Us His ’53 Fender Telecaster!

The Violin – How The Beginner Can Make the Most of Practice Time – When, Where and How to Practice

If you want to become good at playing a musical instrument, it requires practice. We all start off playing badly, and whilst some of us progress and become proficient, others “fall be the wayside” and give up.

Four Common Guitar Chords You Must Know

I still remember the first four chords I learnt as a beginner when I started learning guitar. While those chords need not be the first fours chords everyone learns at the beginning, I find them very much useful in many songs we get to play today.

Why It’s Never Too Late To Learn To Play Guitar

Want to learn to play guitar? You’re never to old and it’s easier to learn than ever with free online videos. There’s no reason to put it off any longer.

Steve Vai’s 10 Hour Guitar Workout: A Summary

The first hour focuses on technical exercises, the second on scales, the third to some “chord thing”. Repeating them three times, he’d devote the remaining hour to “sensitivity” training, where he would reproduce spoken phrases like words or a sentence as passages on the guitar.

Hooks and Earworms

An intelligent songwriter is capable of inventing or discovering their own signature pattern for creating songs you can’t get out of your head. Following these discoveries he can then magnify the results by strategic promotion and marketing. Think about the power just one song can have in society where that song is seemingly omnipresent. It’s played on Internet, satellite, and commercial radio, it’s in millions of people’s iPod’s, it’s on T.V., on T.V. commercials, on movie soundtracks, there are bands doing cover videos of the song on YouTube.com, it’s getting played at clubs, getting remixed by DJ’s, getting played at school dances, getting played at house parties, and getting played in the car next to you.

The 4 Pillars to Great Songwriting

For every artist of any school or medium it is important to know how to communicate with your market or audience utilizing the 4 Pillars of Great Songwriting, so study and learn them thoroughly. Then when you put them into practice you’ll see the results in the quantity and quality of your art, whether or not, it’s songwriting and in audience response.

The Essence of Music: Frequency, Timbre, and the Organization of Sound

An artist not only creates with existing materials, but is also capable of manufacturing the very materials with which they create. Music is merely intelligently organized sound wave frequencies. Therefore, any system or set of tones can be utilized for the purpose of composing music. The challenge, however, with expanding the range of frequencies with which one works is in discovering consonant musical events where one least expected to and finding exotic forms of beauty by taming the dissonance.

4 Tips For Creating Dynamic Dubstep Basslines

The bass line is one of the most important elements of a dubstep or any bass driven music such as drumstep, glitch hop and drum and bass as well as types of electro and complextro. Knowing how to create basslines that engage your listeners will undoubtedly set your music apart from others. Here are some tips for producers who want to take their production to the next level.

Learn How To Play Piano: The Struggle to Find (and Pay) a Good Piano Teacher

When someone has made the decision that they want their children to learn how to play piano, there is no substitute for personal contact with a gifted piano teacher. However, finding, affording, and succeeding with such a teacher may be a challenge in and of itself.

Taiko Drumming Exercise: Table of Time

In this article, I will be talking about a practice exercise I learned from a teacher I met at music school. The exercise is called “Table of Time” from the book “Master Studies” by Joe Morello, and deals with subdividing quarter notes. In this article, I will also be talking about how this exercise can be applied to taiko.

How to Make Dubstep – Layering a Track

When producing a dubstep track, just like anything else, you need a blueprint. It would be impossible to produce a track without knowing the steps you need to take, and the most important part is knowing how to layer different instruments and sounds over one another.

Organ Practice: Why Some Parts Of Your Piece Are Easier to Learn Than Others?

Are you frustrated because some of the lines of your organ pieces are easier to learn while others take so much time just to get the basics down? Are you wondering why is this so and how to overcome this challenge? In this article, I will explain it in more detail.

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