? Joe Bonamassa’s Blues-Rock Masterclass – Intro – Guitar Lessons [15 Seconds]

Legal Ways To Find Free Printable Piano Sheet Music

Anyone looking for legal ways to download free printable piano sheet music will be alleviated to know that there are in fact many ways to do it easily. Here a few essential tips you should know.

How to Record Drums: Space Plus Placement

The sound quality of your drum tracks is normally influenced by the shape, size, and the proportions of a space you are recording in; the sound proofing, objects, and whatever else that may be inside the room. It won’t make a difference if you are intending to record at home, in a studio, warehouse, or a bathroom – the drums can sound very different depending on what space they are in, plus where in that space they are located.

Voice Training Lessons Expand Vocal Range

One of the most coveted vocal skills is an expansive vocal range. Expanding your vocal range allows you to achieve many other advanced vocal skills that would otherwise be difficult to execute. And increased vocal range is most often learned through voice training lessons and has helped vocalists improve their singing skills in a variety of ways. Vocalists with an expanded vocal range are able to perform a wider variety of music ranging from classical pieces to more contemporary selections. An expanded range also enables singers to sing current vocal selections with greater ease, clarity, and vocal quality.

Learning to Play Guitar by Ear in 3 Steps

Most new musicians seem to think that learning to play the guitar by ear is an impossible task; like learning music by ear some sort of super power that only the best and most elite musicians possess. Well the truth of the matter is that learning music by ear is a skill and like all skills it can be learned and taught. Below I am going to outline the three step process I follow when learning songs by ear.

Teach Yourself Guitar Chords the Right Way in 4 Steps

Learning to play guitar chords is pretty much the most fundamental things guitarists do. It is everyone’s first step in becoming a good guitarist, yet most beginners are learning guitar chords in an inefficient manner. This will tack on months of learning time to your progress and may cause you to get frustrated and give.

4 Ways to Begin Teaching Yourself to Play Guitar

When you first start teaching yourself to play guitar you may think you need to go out and get private lessons. This is one of those guitar learning myths that has been passed around for ages. The truth is there are a number of methods readily available through which you can teach yourself how to play the guitar.

The Music Solution – 4 Secrets That Will Transform Your Life

Do you ever think about why you like the music you like? Have you ever considered there may be more wonderful things happening inside you than just your listening pleasure while playing one of your favorite songs? I want to share with you 4 life-changing ways that music can heal your body, calm your mind and transform your life. So, read on, gather some of your favorite songs and experience the healing power of music in your life.

Secrets To Mixing On A Low Budget

Are you interested in learning how to mix like the top professional audio engineers? Here you will grasp new concepts on using EQ, reverb, and proper microphone leveling. Then being able to apply that high quality sound.

Guitar Tuning And Intonation

Having your guitar in tune is important to having a good sound come out of it! This article is geared to explain how to tune your guitar, and also how to maintain the tuning of it for a very long time. Intonation is also important to being able to tune your guitar effectively and is explained in the following.

How to Read Three Lines of Organ Scores Easier?

Beginner organists usually struggle with reading three staves of organ scores. Although they may have some experience in reading piano scores with two lines, adding just one more line for the pedals seems to be a daunting task. Not only do they lack the technical ability to play the right notes on the pedal board, but also they have to face another challenge – their left hand naturally wants to play the bottom line. The prospective organists might get frustrated with these difficulties and quit practicing the organ. However, there is an easier way to read three lines of organ music which will help you to simplify this task.

Organ Playing: 3 Tips on Playing Good Notes on the Pedals Without Looking

If you are new to the organ playing, chances are that you naturally try to look down to your feet while playing pedals. This is not a very good approach which will hinder your progress as an organist. However, it is not easy to resist this temptation and to look at the score instead at the pedals. You must know the correct way of practicing which leads to success in pedal playing. In this article, I will give you 3 tips, which will help you to feel the pedal board without looking.

Organ Playing: How to Look at the Score and Play Good Notes With the Pedals?

Are you struggling with your pedal technique and have a temptation to look at your feet while playing the organ? It is important that you overcome the need of looking at the pedals and focus your attention to the organ score. If you are experiencing such problems while playing pedals, it means you are at the stage of development as an organist when you don’t know your pedal board well enough. Therefore, you naturally want to look at the pedals. The sooner you get over this challenge, the better your organ technique will become. So, how to look at the score and be able to play the correct notes with your feet?

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