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A Popular Chord Progression That Sounds Awesome

If you want to have fun and sound great playing the guitar or piano, this is for you. Did you ever wonder why some musical artists sound marvelous, and are much more popular than others? One main reason is the popular chord progression they are implementing in their music. Learn which one it is!

How To Sing Vibrato

Singing is a gift not many are blessed with. The following article focuses on various methods to train your voice to achieve its maximum potential.

Guitar Scales All Guitarists Should Know

5 Guitar Scales that every guitarist should know. Learn the Major Scale, Natural Minor Scale, Major and Minor Pentatonic, and Chromatic Scales.

Are You Just Born With Natural Talent Or Can Anyone Be A Great Singer, Ball Player or Chess Master?

My voice teacher always spoke about how anyone can become a great singer with good training, practice and passion. This was particularly inspiring to me since when I started I had what many would consider no natural talent for singing. I was a songwriter and really just wanted to be able to sing my songs well and didn’t even know if that was a possibility… After struggling for years… I now hear regularly is, “you’re so lucky, you obviously were born with talent and a voice”. And I kind of laugh because, little do they know. When I started I was told by detractors, you are born with “it” or you aren’t and you just weren’t.

Singing Lessons: Plan for Long Notes to Gain Effective Vocal Control

How long is your note? Well you’ll be amazed to learn that the shorter your note the more likely you are to take insufficient breath; the more you’re likely to get really lazy; and if you bundle all of the above to describe your performance? Well, mediocre is as good as it gets!

How Early Should My Child Start Music Lessons

Parents can introduce a musical instrument to a child at any age. This article addresses the question “when should my child begin music lessons?” It also contains the author’s advice on ways to tell if your child may be a budding musician.

Looking For The Best Way To Learn Piano?

With an overwhelming amount of information online, where do you start to learn piano fast and effectively? If you’re trying and failing to play well, find the answers here.

7 Things Your Guitar Teacher Never Told You About Taking Lessons

Before you invest more time, money and energy into your guitar lessons you should know whether or not your guitar teacher truly understands how to teach effectively. Fact is, if you have a mediocre guitar teacher, you could be making ‘significantly’ slower progress than what you would make with a great guitar teacher!

Top 5 Mistakes for Beginner Guitar Players

These 5 common mistakes made by most beginner guitarist discourage many to the point of quitting. If you know what they are and how to avoid them, however, you’ll have a much better chance of enjoying a life-long pursuit of guitar joy!

Playing In A Jam Session

I’m an accordion player. Actually I’ve been playing for over 50 years – a really long time. My mother was a typical Italian mother, my father was Slovenian; and I was the first born male in our family, therefore when I was very young it was decreed that I learn how to play the accordion; and so I was made to take lessons.

Be Taught The Best Way To Play The Piano

Typically there happen to be various methods in which you will be able to study how to play the piano. Even so the very first step you must to undertake is to realistically obtain a piano. Shortly after you have a piano then you ought to decide which method you are intending to work with in order to discover how to master the piano. You can learn utilizing any of the numerous approaches, specifically what is definitely critical is to become at ease with the strategy you have decided on.

How To Sell Beats Online Successfully In 5 Steps

There are millions of aspiring music producers spawning every day and there’s a million aspiring music artists that need beats. The Internet has allowed beat makers all over the world to make a living online, but with so much competition you need to set yourself apart from the herd.

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