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Learning to Improvise in Jazz – Keep It Simple Just Like Miles Davis

Jazz music is the ultimate forum for improvisation in music but it doesn’t have to be inaccessible. There are many ways to ease your way into the jazz world and work your way up to the more complicated standards and chord combinations.

Learn How To Play Guitar With A Comprehensive Beginners Course

The beginners’ course works in stages, all of which are aimed at gradually nurturing technical ability, laying solid foundations for rhythm play and ensuring that the student gets instant results. There is a guarantee that all students who undertake the course will be playing a song that their friends can recognize by the end of the first week.

Playing the Ionian Mode Over A Major Chord

When you think about soloing over major chords in a jazz tune what is the first scale that you think of? If you’re like most people you probably immediately said the major scale. The major scale is a beautiful sounding scale. It’s simple and everybody is familiar with it.

The Significance of Composition and Transcribing Music

Composing and transcribing your own music is of vital importance to your overall understanding of how music works. It contributes to pretty much every sphere of what you have learned and what you intend to learn in the future. Without composing your own phrases and songs you run the risk of never really fully understanding how music functions, as in so doing, it places all of your knowledge under the microscope.

Music Is Finger Dancing and Brain Food

Learning to play an instrument can be fun but it is also a challenge. There is also dedicated practice time that must be allocated. If a student does not practice on his instrument in between weekly lessons, he will not advance.

Eyes and Ears For Music

Teaching the art of music is as rewarding as it is challenging. For a beginning student, learning to read music is not an easy job – it is filled with intricacies and many little details.

Why Should I Learn Guitar Scales? That’s Boring!

It seems like all beginning guitarists shut down and their eyes roll up when I tell them it is time to start learning guitar scales. Most would rather skip this part of their training, claiming it is a tedious task which is overly complicated and most importantly BORING! I tend to agree with them, it is fairly boring to practice scales all day every day; and playing scales for more than about 20 minutes a day really is too much scale practice.

The Best Way to Learn to Play Lead Guitar

An important step in every aspiring guitarist’s life is when they realize that in order to improve they will need to learn to play some lead guitar. At a certain point simply learning your favorite rock songs just is not enough, you want to learn to play lead and sound like your favorite guitarists. Learning to play lead guitar takes a lot of practice and dedication, but remember that every guitarist had to go through this learning curve.

How to Teach Yourself to Play Guitar Scales

One of the best ways to really increase your skill on the guitar is to teach yourself to play guitar scales. Learning the basic scale patterns which make up guitar chords is one of the first steps in becoming a good guitarist. Unfortunately most beginning guitarists learn their scales in a very poor manner; tacking months or years on to their learning time.

Organ Playing: How Not to Give Up Your Organ Practice – 4 Tips

Although many organists start playing the organ, only a small portion of them ever achieve success. This may happen for a variety of reasons but one of the greatest obstacles is when people give up playing this instrument and quit. If you want that this will not happen to you, try applying the following 4 tips.

The Importance of Scales In Music

Scales are always associated with as being a chore. However, if you make playing scales fun you will uncover their hidden importance and see how relevant they are to the world of music!

Learning How To Play Modes

Using the modes in music sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is or needs to be. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your completely familiar with the major scale otherwise modes will not make any sense at all.

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