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Organ Playing: How to Play Each Voice Independently?

Because much of organ music consist of polyphonic works with several independent melodies, it is important for the organist to be able to hear and play each voice independently. If you focus on emphasizing different voices, your playing will become very clear and much more interesting to the listeners. By hearing each voice independently you will let your audience appreciate the structure and the thematic material on a higher degree. However, if you want to achieve such level in organ playing, you must know the correct way of practicing polyphonic compositions.

Anyone Can Sing Better

So you want to be a singer. All right, the first thing to think about is: Do you see yourself all dressed up, on the stage, getting a standing ovation on American Idol, or America’s Got Talent, or the Voice? Don’t dismiss this, because it is a very important first step.

Why Nothing Can Beat Private Guitar Instruction

The two main options to learn guitar efficiently (meaning: this excludes self-study) are private one-on-one lessons and classroom instruction, be it guitar lesson for beginners or advanced guitar lessons. Private, one-on-one lessons are the best approach to learning guitar, because a private guitar coach tailors lessons to you, or there are online guitar lessons too.

Recording Vocals Using FL Studio 10

Recording vocals using FL Studio 10 is starting to become more and more common amongst many up and coming music producers. With all the sites and videos showcasing “How To’s” on the internet it has become clear that FL Studio 10 is establishing its mark as far as recording vocals goes. With its initial release back in 1997 the program FL Studio has evolved tremendously up to this point.

It’s Never Too Late To Play The Piano

Without a doubt, the piano is one challenging musical instrument. 88 neatly aligned black and ivory keys stare back at you, each sounding slightly different from another. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that most people would feel a sense of hopelessness when met with the task of learning the piano.

Learn How to Play the Piano: Step by Step Guide to Success

Learning how to play the piano can be difficult. Following these five simple steps will ensure that you get off on the right foot, and make the learning process as painless as possible. Learning how to play the piano is a wonderful experience, do it the right way, by reading this quick guide.

Learning Piano: Ten Tips and Tricks

If you are serious and determined to learn how to play the piano, do yourself a favor and check out this helpful list of ten tips and tricks to learning the piano. You will find some motivational guidelines, as well as suggestions for practice routines and methodology. Enjoy, and good luck in your pursuits.

Top Reasons to Take Voice Training Lessons

Traditionally when you think of voice coaching, you think of voice lessons with one coach, standing in a room once a week, learning and mastering new songs. While this still may be effective for some vocalists, new methods of voice training have made it easier for vocalists of all skill levels to develop their voices.

Common Misconceptions About Becoming a Singer

From the outside things can appear much different than they actually are, and this is especially true for aspiring singers. Award shows like the Grammys, and the MTV awards only show the rewards of a successful singing career. Many of the performers there have worked hard to achieve that level of success. Most of the time, good luck goes a long way. Here are some common misconceptions made by aspiring singers:

Organ Playing: Five Tips Which Will Help You To Play Smoothly, Freely, and Without Interruptions

Every organist wants to achieve a high degree of fluency while playing the organ. It is rewarding to be able to perform pieces without mistakes, without faltering, and without stopping. However, achieving this level requires a very specific way of practicing without which your chances to succeed are not as high. In this article, I will give you five tips which will help you to play the organ smoothly, freely, and without interruptions.

Quick Tips for Sweep Picking

Let me start out by describing sweep picking. Sweep picking is a technique on the guitar that allows you to play chords one note at a time. With a lot of practice it can be the fastest way for a person to play, but it takes a lot of time patience and discipline to get this down, and to make it not sound sloppy!

3 Hints on How to Write a Song

Songwriting is not as daunting or difficult a task as you might think. The best way to develop as a songwriter is both through practice and through utilizing proper tips and tricks. In this article I’ll cover how to write a song from the ground up.

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