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How To Play A Complete Song On Piano or Keyboard in 40 Minutes

If you are taking the route of teaching yourself piano or keyboard and you have real determination and dedication, you could be playing your first song within 40 minutes. Before you attempt to learn a song make sure you are familiar with the keyboard and piano and are 100% confident of where all the notes are positioned on the keyboard or piano. Once you are happy with the notation pattern then you are ready to learn and perform your first song.

How to Sing and Play Piano and Keyboard Songs

Most of us can own up to liking a good old sing-song, whether it being in the shower, in the car or dancing around to your radio doing your housework! The amazing thing about music is that it is sure to make you happy even if you are having a bad day. Imagine if you could turn your love of singing into performing by playing the keyboard and singing at the same time.

Learn to Play Keyboard or Piano Online

What if someone told you that there was a way to play the keyboard without having to commit to a regular time slot with a private teacher and that would cost you very little money? Sounds good right! Well with technology being so fast paced it is opening up many new opportunities for people, even if they have a busy lifestyle with little spare time.

How to Play Keyboard Songs on Your Own

Do you occasionally struggle to motivate yourself to play piano or keyboard on your own without the support of your teacher? This happens to many people when they start learning something new. Sometimes it is because people can lack confidence when going it alone.

Here Is How You Can Make Your Own Beats

Many people are interested in how to make beats. The problem they face however is to make beats in the first place.

The Art of Scales

Remember the movie “Aristocats?” There’s a song where the cute fluffy Persian cats dance and sing on the piano about how important it is to practice scales and arpeggios. The Siamese cats sit and watch with skepticism as these refined cats sing. In real life (for humans), these cats are correct in that practicing scales and arpgeggios are important in the life of a musician. However, HOW it’s done, can make or break a performers ability to learn the scales. If you’re a rock or pop musician, don’t shy away from improving your skills. Wow your audience with great “licks” by improving your technical ability. Read these progressive steps and learn how scales improve the quality of musical performance.

Organ Playing: How to Squeeze in Practice Time in Your Day

One of the main things that keeps many organists from practicing is the lack of time. They say they would want to play the organ more but their job takes so much of their time, not to mention commuting, their families and other important tasks they have to do during the day. However, I believe it is possible to squeeze in more organ practice time in your day. Try applying the following 6 tips and you will be able to spend more time playing organ without sacrificing your other important responsibilities.

Tips on How to Practice a Musical Instrument

It’s the “P” word again! Music students walk out of lessons, rolling their eyes as the teacher says, “Go home and practice!” What exactly does that mean? Why is it that music students struggle with consistent practicing? This article provides some tips on how practicing can be more efficient and possibly a little more fun. After all, practicing does take patience and perseverance.

Easy Steps To Articulation (Tonguing) on a Wind Instrument

The tongue is a muscle that requires training like any other muscle in the body. As wind players, our version of “articulating” is with the tongue. This article provides the beginning basic steps to more advanced levels of practicing articulation. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced performer, following these steps will help build the tongue muscle.

The Easy to Learn to Play Gospel Piano

If you want to Learn to play gospel Piano, you should first of all understand the attributes of this genre that make it quite different than other similar genres out there, like hip hop, rock and jazz. In the following article you will be let in on what you need to do in order to perfect your skills as a gospel music player and also be made aware of some of the more aesthetic attributes of this genre of music.

5 Beginners Shortcuts For Playing Popular Songs On Piano Or Keyboard in Record Time

Are you desperate to learn keyboard or piano but are always put off by the amount of theory that is involved with learning a musical instrument. What you may not know is that you don’t have to learn endless amounts of theory to be a top keyboard or piano player. Many professional musicians have been self taught or play by ear and this has made them excel and become the artists that they are today.

How To Take Charge Of Your Piano Or Keyboard Practice Time

The end of your lesson has arrived and it’s now time to go home, so you need to get your practice plan organised and put in place for the week until the next lesson with your teacher. Sometimes people find it hard to have the motivation to practice when they haven’t got their teacher assisting them. Others have the enthusiasm to just push themselves as much as they can.

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