? Joe Bonamassa’s In The Jam – Intro – Guitar Lessons

Beginning Singing Lessons – What To Look For?

If you have been searching for a vocal coach to help you learn how to sing, why not consider taking singing lessons online? Through technological advances, you now don’t have to leave the comforting environment of your home to travel great distances through hectic traffic or pay ridiculous childcare fees in order to take singing lessons.

How to Play the Guitar: Get Started Playing the Guitar Today

When I started to play the guitar, I did things the hard way, trying to play chords and play songs. It was frustrating because my fingers just couldn’t find the right position to make the guitar sound good. Read on to learn what I’ve discovered about how to play the guitar fast.

Beginning Guitar Secrets: The Top Eight Guitar Practice Mistakes and How to Fix Them

When beginners play guitar, there are eight mistakes they make that hold them back, keeping them from becoming the guitar players that they dream of becoming. Read on to learn the most common mistakes of beginning guitarists and what you can do to become a good guitar player, fast.

The Best Way to Practice Guitar: How to Play Guitar Better Faster

What are the best ways to practice playing guitar? As a beginner or expert guitar player, practice helps you become a better player faster. Read on to learn the secrets of being a great guitar player in no time.

How to Make Rhythm and Blues Beats

Use a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) keyboard to simulate a complete band sound with strings, bass guitar, piano, soft drums and snares. A good MIDI keyboard comes complete with music software and recording capability.

Guitar Lesson – How To Figure Out Chords Of A Song From Recordings By Ear

Have you been surfing all over the internet looking for guitar chords and tabs for your favorite songs? There are indeed a lot of these resources out there contributed by guitar enthusiasts and this can be very helpful for beginning guitar players. Most of these guitar chords and tabs are figured out by ear, which is a great skill to possess and you can acquire the same skill by going through the method below.

Organ Technique: The Importance of Using Minimal Force in Pedal Playing

When you play organ pedals, how much force should you use? Should you pound the pedals as strongly as possible or should you depress them very gently? I think you can feel what the right answer is and here is why.

5 Steps in Studying to Play the Piano

Understanding how to play piano will likely wind up being difficult. You need to go along with some sort of well thought out plan with the intention to learn how to play piano. Begin from the basics and then work your way upward to the far more tricky musical pieces. Understanding how to play calls for time, staying power and also practice.

How to Write a Song for Guitar

Many people wonder how to write songs for guitar. The following are 10 tips to write a song for guitar: 1. Get your guitar ready.

Writing Songs for Guitar

Writing songs for guitar is the goal of many aspiring songwriters and guitarists. Being able to sing and write guitar song instrumentals is a true talent. They are not mutually exclusive, but being one does not guarantee the other.

How Long Does It Take to Refresh the Memory of Your Organ Piece?

Imagine a situation when you have learned and practiced your difficult piece at a decent level. However, this was some time ago. Right now you are feeling that you have lost the mastery of this work. The question is this – how long will it take for you to practice it until you can play it at a decent level again?

How to Test If You Really Know Your Organ Piece

Imagine a situation where you learned your organ piece and practiced it for a while. What can you do now? Can you perform it during recital or church service or should you perfect it even further at least for now? If you want to know whether you really know your organ piece and are ready to perform it in public, then you can do this experiment.

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