? Joe Pass Guitar Lesson – Part 1 – Henry Johnson

Nylon Strung Acoustic Guitar Or Steel Strung – What’s Best To Learn On?

So you want to learn the guitar but you need to know if a nylon strung acoustic or steel strung is the better option for learning on. Here I compare your options.

Breaking Those Bad Drumming Habits Part 1

I’ve been drumming for most of my life without the help of private drum lessons. I’ve managed to develop my own style and turn quite a few heads while performing at the local shows. I guess you can say I thought I had it all together.

How to Become a Virtual Drummer

If there’s one area that frequently frustrates the solo home studio musician, it’s not being able to have real drums from a real drummer on their recordings. But don’t get depressed, help is at hand for your home studio in the form of software drum kits.

How Snare Drum Exercises Improve Your Drumming

Practicing effective snare drum exercises can help significantly improve your drumming. In this article, we discuss why practicing snare drum exercises is important, what exercises you should be practicing, and how they are applicable to other percussion instruments.

Avoid Back Pain – Drummers

How to prevent your percussive passion becoming a spinal set-back An article with practical advice on how to prevent or improve existing problems of back pain in drummers. Simple and realistic steps that can vastly improve your general well being and allow you to keep playing the drums without causing any pain or discomfort – a problem that many drummers suffer from.

Picking a Good Acoustic Guitar to Play Rock Guitar

To get a good acoustic guitar to play rock guitar there are a five things to look at. I will step you through picking all five things, looking at everything from type, price range body size, optional extras and more.

How to Find a Saxophone Teacher?

This guide offers some good advice on how to find their saxophone teacher. Whether you are a novice saxophone player, or you have been playing the saxophone for years. Everyone could benefit from a teacher from time to time.

How to Find a Flute Teacher?

This article covers the basics of the best methods of binding your perfect flute teacher. Advice is given and suggestions made within this article.

Learning Jazz Guitar Scales Is Easy

Jazz Scales have been a really crucial part of our music today and can be found throughout many genre just like Blues, Jazz, Country and Rock. Even Heavy Metal groundbreakers Black Sabbath wouldn’t have sounded like they do if it wasn’t for jazz scales. Guitar Players like Django Reinhardt or even Miles Davis took conservative jazz and changed it into something new, something modern, something special. Distinctive Jazz scales crop up in more and more different Tracks from large numbers of different musicals genre.

How to Compose a Symphony

Learn the process of composing music by composing a symphony. With a symphony, you have an entire educational framework for learning all aspects of composing music.

What You Need to Know About The Major C Guitar Chord

Guitar is one of the most widely used musical instruments in the world and what we believe is it can make the whole environment of a vacation or celebration more pleasant and enjoyable. Learning of the guitar is not an easy task as it requires a vast patient and most importantly the eagerness.

How to Stay Motivated When Learning the Guitar

So you thought it would be cool to play a guitar? You spent some money and bought some gear and you have been working for a while but it is getting kind of hard to stay motivated. You feel like you aren’t improving and your hands are sore. What now?

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