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Re-Discovered: The Lost Art of Learning to Play Music

For many students, music lessons are boring — slow and boring. But an ancient view of education is the key to fast learning and enjoyment at music lessons. This older view allowed Mozart to shine as a 6-year old, and was the key to success for many of the great music masters.

Things To Do Before You Start Playing Guitar

Playing the acoustic guitar, like any physical requires the proper stretching and preparation. For instance if you were going to go for a jog, you would obviously stretch before setting off. Otherwise you risk cramps and potential injury. Well the same is true for playing guitar. If you do not take the time to properly warm up your hands and fingers, the same fate could be met. Here are a few things you should do before you even strum the first on your acoustic guitar.

Finding the Right Music Teacher For Your Child

It’s pretty well universally accepted that getting music lessons for your kids are a good thing, but not all lessons are equal. The thing that makes the biggest difference is the teacher. Even if you go to a respectable institution or company, there’s still one individual in charge of the lessons and their relationship with your kid will determine how successful the lessons are. Here’s what to look for.

3 Tips for Songwriters

The way in which songwriters and musicians approach the way they write and compose music is an interesting topic. Many musicians have a certain process when it comes to making great music and swear by these processes regardless of what others have to say. Let this article help relieve the burden of songwriting with a few helpful tips.

Be The Likable Music Producer

The role of the music producer is a very dynamic one and involves wearing a lot of different hats. As a producer, your job is to manage the recording project and make sure that the artists that you’re recording make the best possible album from both business and a creative position.

Common Revenue Streams for Independent Musicians

If you’re new to the idea of being in a band and making money with the music your band makes, check out this article on the most common revenue streams for independent musicians. Don’t miss out on making some extra cash for your band.

How to Sing High Notes to Achieve Those Amazing Ranges!

Discover the secret to free your voice! Learn how it is done by professional singers that make those high notes seem easy to sing!

Kindergarten Music: Lesson Plan

Being a kindergarten music teacher for one hour sure goes fast. It is so much fun and truly rewarding. There is lots of work in preparing for the upcoming day each week. The children look forward to our time of being together, learning all about music.

Tips On Guitar Playing That Make Learning The Guitar More Effective

Having the ability or skill of playing a musical instrument can be considered talent. One of the most popular instruments is the guitar, and if you wish to become a guitarist, you should read this article as it discusses tips on guitar playing.

How to Make Rap Beats Without a Computer

Online beat makers and those in downloadable form are changing the rap, jungle beat music scene. These beat making programs are simple to use and not expensive. They now have so many features even a novice can produce great beats.

Learning How to Drum Can Be As Easy As Learning a Few Snare Drum Exercises

Learning how to play the drum set can be expensive and overwhelming. If you want to start learning how to play the drums without the price tag or stress, start learning how to play the snare drum with simple yet effective snare drum exercises.

Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners – 3 Things to Look for When Purchasing Online Guitar Lessons

Learning to play the guitar is a feat that many of us aspire to do at some point or another in our lives. We hear a song on the radio or see a band play live and think to ourselves “wow, I wish I could do that”. In turn we spend our hard earned money on a cheap acoustic or electric guitar package and set out with the best of intentions only to find ourselves quitting just a few weeks later out of sheer frustration. Learning the guitar is hard. Make no mistake about it. But if you utilise the right learning source, such as online guitar lessons for beginners, you can bypass the frustrations that come with learning the instrument and set yourself up to succeed in the shortest amount of time possible.

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