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Three Steps To Take In Self-Teaching Playing Guitar

Learning to play the guitar doesn’t have to be difficult. It is actually lots of fun and yet more than 90% of people who are learning how to play the guitar themselves will end giving up due to pure frustration. So, if you don’t want to take proper lessons and prefer to teach yourself, you need to follow some simple steps so that you won’t be over your head in music theory explanations, feel trapped in a cobweb of chords and keys and all sorts of rules.

The First Guitar Lesson For Right Handed Beginners

In this article you will learn how to familiarize with your guitar, to know the different parts of your guitar and to learn the string names and how to hold the guitar. The lesson is for 6 strings guitars only.

The Simpsons Theme Song – A Lydian Melody

This brief article describes the Lydian scale. It uses “The Simpsons” theme music to help get the point across. It also takes issue with the published key signature for the theme song.

What Are The Piano Notes Of The Keyboard And How Do You Know Which One Is Which?

One of the most confusing aspects of learning how to play the piano is making sense of all the different notes of the keyboard. Beginners may know that each key is represented by a letter of the alphabet, but surely there are only 26 of those and there are a lot more keys than there are letters, even on the smallest of piano keyboards. So how do you get to grips with it all?

A Teacher’s Guide for Increased Student Practice – Part 1 of 2

As a piano teacher, the student that regularly practices each week is my favorite student. However, I dread seeing the student that usually doesn’t practice each week.

Get Smarter by Playing the Piano

This is a short story about a guy named Prometheus, how he became an amazing keyboard player, and brain waves. Recently, he started thinking about buying a Yamaha keyboard when he discovered that piano music can be good for his brain and overall health. It turns out that more than simply providing a pleasant tune, the sound of classical music, especially from a piano, brings the mind and body into a more relaxed and open state.

How To Write Great Songs On Bass Guitar – Why It Can Be Easier Than Songwriting On Six String Guitar

So you play bass guitar do you? You’d like a piece of the action? Well the good news is that you can become a songwriting power house!

Master the Music Alphabet on the Entire Guitar

Reading from left to right the notes are ascending, or going up in pitch. Reading the opposite direction, from right to left the notes are descending, or going down in pitch.

How To Learn Songs On The Guitar By Ear

Learning songs by ear is a great way for a beginner or intermediate guitarist to step up their game. It comes naturally to some people while others really have to work hard to get it. All the great players can learn a song by ear and they can learn it alarmingly fast! This does not come without hours of practice but just about anyone can accomplish it.

How To Develop An “Ear” For Music

To play guitar well you will want to test your “ear for music” in order to determine how much or little training you need in this area of the musical arts. An ear for music simply means that you have an easier time than others identifying certain notes, scales, intervals and rhythms. Basically, if you have a good ear you can probably sing in key and pick out cords or solos from songs and play something close, if not exact.

Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar – Which One Should You Learn On?

Which instrument should you learn guitar on, the electric or the acoustic? This is an age old question and, much like the chicken or the egg, it has no definite answer. There are a few questions you can ask yourself that may help you determine which is right for you however. Mostly it comes down to understanding what you want from your guitar.

Tips on Learning Guitar

Learn a few quick tips to make learning guitar easier when you are first starting out. These tips will help save you time and money.

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