? Learn “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” by The Smashing Pumpkins on Guitar – Performance – TrueFire

What Is Latin Music?

I enjoy listening to Spanish music. Are you familiar with Spanish pianists Elena Martin and Jose Meliton? They play exciting pieces by Spanish composers in arrangements for two pianos.

Playing Cello – What Is Involved in Picking Up an Instrument?

How to start playing the cello? Is the cello a good instrument for you? Will it be a while before I’m playing my first tune? Here are the following pointers for understanding how to play the cello.

Tips On How To Sing Beautifully And With Confidence

Experienced vocalists, when dispensing tips on how to sing, teach newcomers to master inhaling and exhaling by using the diaphragm and never the throat, like newbies do, whenever performing. Performances which start out inside the throat kills the sound, which is distressing. In time, the voice box ends up being injured.

Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: How to Find Your Singing Voice

Many singers struggle to find their own singing voice. They may be able to sing along with the radio but find that they are unable to support their voice alone without an additional recorded voice track playing along. Many tend to feel that their live performance are lack luster due to a lack of vocal and performance skills. All is not lost, however. They can find their singing voice with vocal training, listening skills and performance techniques. This article will explore the listening skills needed to find one’s own singing voice.

Making the Move To Jazz Performance – Should You Pursue It?

Often a rock musician will get the sudden inspiration to learn to perform jazz music. This is an ambitious pursuit, and should be carefully considered. This article will outline the challenges in learning jazz performance and the commitments required to succeed. It will also provide a short list of jazz artists that all serious students of the music should know about and absorb into their listening and understanding.

You Can Play The Guitar – Tips For Beginners And Revision For The More Accomplished Guitarist

They say “A change is as good as a rest”. So why not learn to play the guitar! There are so many interesting things you can learn with music and there are unlimited ways in which you can use it. For example, it can be a very useful therapy tool for all different kind of people across the whole age range. A guitar is a very portable and versatile instrument and can be taken to most places. It can help break the ice as most people want to start singing whenever they see one. Even those that don’t play often engage in a conversation about guitars as they are such things of beauty.

The Secret of Playing Piano Four Hands

An often overlooked but rather awed area of piano is playing four hands. But what exactly is four hands? And can every pianist do it? What benefit does it have to learn how to play this way?

Guitar Effects Pedal

Effects pedals for electric guitars come in all shapes and sizes. They process the sound and sit between your guitar amplifier and the instrument itself.

Buying a Used Guitar Guide

This is a guide to buying a used guitar. The focus of this article is electric, acoustic and bass guitars.

Learn How to Play The Guitar – Get Started Now

Learning to play the guitar is easier than you think. It is getting started that is tough. You need someone knowledgeable and experienced to help you to get started. You want to learn to play and there is a much more to consider to get you started off correctly.

Piano Lesson Software Is Beneficial to Your Kids

Learning how to play the piano might be boring for many kids because of the fact that they need to go out and attend regular classes, such as their classes at school with a teacher. With the use of piano teaching software, learning to play the instrument is modified. Today you can teach your kids to learn to play the piano with the use of piano lesson software.

How To Sing – Being Authentic Helps Overcome Stage Fright

For most of us, the idea of singing in front of others is a terrifying prospect. It brings up our worst fears: showing our emotions in front of others and exposing our vulnerability. It doesn’t have to be this way, however. We all share the same fears, usually learnt early on in life, programmed responses. The answer is to change the programming, over time. Being comfortable in public is a learnt response the same as any other. And the secret to finding one’s true voice is to simply learn to be your true authentic self.

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