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Music for Kids

Benefits of music education for your child. Children benefit 10 fold when music is included in their world.

How Fast Should We Practice Guitar? – 3 Speeds For Practicing Success

If you want to improve the way your music sounds, the speed at which you practice can play a big role in your success. In this article we will learn the value of 3 relative practicing speeds and why you should use them.

How to Make Dubstep Music – Production Tips

So you’re interested in making some unique and hardcore sounding Dubstep? That’s all fine and dandy, but before you continue why not sit down, get yourself a cup of coffee and read about these fantastic Dubstep production tips to give you that edge over the competition.

How to Take the First Step for Drum Playing Lessons

Have you always stayed in the lines of people in awe of drummers with distinctive drum playing styles? Do you always think of yourself producing those beats or tapping good rhythms at home on any flat surfaces?

Choosing Double Bass Pedals for Your Drum Set

Double bass pedals are not all alike, and prior to choosing you should first understand your options and what is available. Both your drum kit and your style of drumming will have an impact on your choice, and here is some information that might help you make the correct choice.

Slap Bass: Techniques, Adjustments and Tricks to Develop Your Tone – Part Two

Part one of this article discussed the basics of slap bass technique and how to practice in a way that optimizes your improvement. Part two will explain some basic adjustments for your bass guitar that will instantly improve your slap tone and make you sound more like your slap bass idols!

Scream Music Singers – Protect Your Voice

Helping a scream music singer protect their voice is a challenge for any vocal coach. Fortunately, there are indeed some things you can teach them so their voices will live to scream another day.

Making Use of a Ukelele Tuner

This article aims to help the new ukelele player choose the right ukelele tuner for their needs. The features incorporated into various tuners are discussed as well as the advantages and drawbacks of each.

How Do You Memorize Organ Music?

Every organist sooner or later has to face the question of what is the most efficient way in memorizing music. Since every person is different, it is no surprise that we all use different systems when it comes to learning and playing music by heart. Discover the main approaches in memorizing organ music by picking the answers from this quiz that suits your learning style.

The Top 5 Piano Learning Products

Have you tried to learn a song on a piano but to no avail? Well have no fear I have purchased practically every learning product worth its weight in gold out there and I have done a complete review of the top 5 giving you a run down of the main points each product has to offer…

Slap Bass: Techniques, Adjustments and Tricks to Develop Your Tone – Part One

Want your slap tone to sound more like Victor Wooten, Flea, Les Claypool, Marcus Miller and other slap bass greats? No problem! There are many free and inexpensive tricks, adjustments and accessories that can help you sound like your favorite bassists!

Beware of These 5 Traps When Working With Sheet Music

Here are a few tips to help you bring a piece of piano sheet music to life. If you give it enough time and patience, you will also find that piano practice becomes much easier.

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