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Learn to Play Piano: Four Tips Piano Teachers Swear By

Some say the piano is the most difficult instrument to learn. With roughly 88 keys to master, three pedals, music notes to decipher along with Latin terms… It’s no wonder this orchestra spot lighter has so many musicians trembling in fear!

Learn to Play Keyboard Fast!

Learning to play any musical instrument can be a daunting task especially if you aren’t one for patient waiting. While playing the piano usually doesn’t come easy, if you want to learn to play keyboard fast you have a much better shot at instant success. Before you throw in the towel try out our tried and true tips for mastering the art of the keyboard in a matter of weeks.

Learning to Play the Keyboard: Five Easy Tips for Beginners

Learning to play the keyboard can seem pretty simple… until you give it a try. While the first few weeks can be challenging, a healthy dose of “stick to it” can make all the difference in making noise and making music. If you have been learning to play keyword and are becoming frustrated with your progress, these tried and true five easy tips may be just what you need to keep going.

The Value of Electric Guitar Music, and Where to Start If You Want to Join the Band

Over the years we’ve learned to love and look up to famous guitarists. Electric guitar music had and still has a huge impact on our everyday lives. Find out why, and more than that, find out what to do to join the band and become a guitarist yourself. I’m not saying it is going to be easy, but everyone has to start somewhere.

How to Take Care of Your Voice

How to prepare your voice to avoid the need for repair. Might come in handy if you plan to sing well into your golden years!

Make a Hip Hop Beat for My Music – How to Make Hip Hop Beats That Sound Great – TRY THIS!

The first step in beat making is to choose the right sounds for your track. Experimenting is of course encouraged, but mixing house into hip hop wouldn’t work in a long run. Choose the sounds that reflect the style you want. This article will guide you through the process of choosing the right sounds for your beats.

Why Every Musician Should Learn Music Theory

Many think that musical ability and talent does not just come from academic learning. And they are right. But music theory is important for any musician to know, for without it, there is an unbalance.

Main Benefits of Getting an Acoustic Guitar and Mastering It

Acoustic guitars have been around for a while. Many people enter the guitar world every day by buying a new instrument and trying to learn how to play their favorite tunes. Find out what benefits playing an acoustic guitar brings, and how to get going immediately.

Jamorama – An Essential Tool for Aspiring Guitar Players

The majority of people, at one point or another, wish they could, or would love to learn to play an instrument. Whether it’s guitar, piano or drums to name just a few, being able to play music is an extremely enjoyable feeling. However, learning to play an instrument is not easy. It takes a lot of work, practice and sometimes money which causes many to give up and never realize their dream.

Become a Pro Jazz Pianist With These Professional Suggestions

Jazz music is an attention-grabbing and challenging variety of music which requires terrific freedom as well as a good deal of rote training to become good at. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Understanding The Audio Mixer

Mixing boards, or mixers, (also known as mixing consoles, or audio mixers) are the central hardware used in a mixer-based recording studio. Mixers receive input signals sent from connected audio producing devices, and offer controls to determine how these signals are sent out of the mixer. Mixing boards are physical modules displaying knobs, faders, and buttons used to control the parameters for each channel of audio, and ultimately the collection of these audio tracks – known as a mix.

Are Private Piano Lessons Better Than Group Piano Lessons?

Which provides a more rounded musical education when learning to play the piano, private or group lessons? Compared to other instruments, piano is one of the few instruments that is traditionally taught in a one-on-one setting. But just because this is the way it has historically been taught, is this really the best way to continue teaching this instrument? Here are some valuable characteristics about group piano lessons that should be considered when making this important training decision.

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