? Learn How To Play “I Love You” (Jazz Standard) on Guitar – Song Lesson Performance – TrueFire

What A Relief! A Lesson on Guitar Necks and Neck Relief

Here’s a lesson on guitar necks and truss rods. This covers how guitar necks are put together, and what to adjust when optimizing guitar neck relief.

The Best Way To Learn Guitar – Using Software

Do you want to learn guitar but are confused by the mass of options you have to choose from? Read this article to discover the easiest and quickest way to learn guitar.

Learning Piano Online – How It’s Done

I’ll never forget the time one of my college professors talked about types of learners. There are two I’d like to discuss here and they are the A to B learner and the one that learns in leaps and jumps.

Guitarists – Don’t Use Your Head, Use Your Neck!

Learn to play across the entire neck of your guitar. It’s a lot simpler than you might think!

How to Know When It’s Time to Change Your Guitar Strings

How do you know when to change your guitar strings? By following this advice, you’ll always know when your strings are ok, and when you need to change them.

Guide To Learning Guitar

I think we’d all agree that the guitar has always been a very popular instrument. You shouldn’t be surprised then that so many people desire to mastering this fascinating instrument. There are many reasons why people would want to learn the guitar.

Ten Chords for a Beginning Guitar Player

Take one brand new guitar, one brand new guitar player, add one THICK guitar manual, and the result may be an instrument that just sits under the bed. Thick guitar manuals can intimidate beginners — but did you know that learning just 10 chords is a great and easy way to start?

Learn The Slap Bass Technique – Tips For Learning Bass Guitar Online

Learning the slap bass technique is important towards becoming a strong, well rounded bassist. A good all round bass player, who loves the groove and understands how to utilize the slap bass technique, can get audiences feet tapping or to their feet and bouncing. Grasping and applying the slap bass technique, along with other techniques, helps develop your style and approach to music. All the different techniques you learn need to be learned as a result of the love you’ve got for music and the bass.

Fastest Way of Mastering Guitar

What is the fastest way of mastering guitar? Does it really have to be so hard? Does it really have to take so long?

Ways to Become a Great Guitar Player

If you want to learn to play the guitar there are personal traits that you need to have with you. Patience and perseverance are two of these personal traits. For you to learn guitar playing, you need to practice more.

How To Use Country Music Chords To Tell The Truth In Your Songs

Country Music Chords are generally simple C’s, G’s, D’s, with the odd minor chord thrown in, yet there are thousands and thousands of songs…how can this be? Read on and I’ll tell you how to use “3 chords and the truth” to improve your songwriting.

How To Make Money Selling Your Beats Online

So many talented producers spend all of their time making hot beats, but still don’t see any money for their work! If you’re stuck in the same situation, follow these guidelines to seriously start building your business and making the money you deserve!

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