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Can Singing Be Simple?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve asked this question a few times. Why? Probably due to all the nonsensical terms related to learning how to sing – heck, music in general. Let’s further explore the subject and see where it goes.

Essential Jazz Guitar Playing Tips

A jazz guitar is the most frequent instrument among jazz artists. It came about as a necessity for early jazz players who were playing in large music halls. It is because acoustic guitars cannot cut through the loud sounds coming from the horn section.

How to Play Piano or Keyboard for Fun Without The Need to Read Music or Musical Score

Have you always dreamed of being able to play the piano or keyboard but find that you are scared by the amount of theory that is involved with reading music? Do you find the task too daunting maybe, so you decide to put it at the back of your mind for another year. There are lots of people who excel learning piano or keyboard the traditional way by reading musical score and spend the rest of their lives playing by this method, however there are lots of people out there that just love music and want to…

Essential Guide To Re-String Your Guitar

After bombarding and abusing your guitar strings with rapid staccatos and street sweeping arpeggios, isn’t it time to retire them? A fantastic guitar sound starts with a set of clean and sparkling strings. Not only it will help you in doing amazing solos, it will also protect your fret board’s delicate finish from rust and dirt.

5 String Bass Guitars – What’s the Difference?

We all know about four string bass guitars. We know a lot of bass players who made classic bass solos using the time tested instruments. But we all agree that a variation won’t hurt and knowing player’s insatiable thirst for new musical challenges to explore, such variations on the instrument is just a matter of time.

How to Find the Right Music Tutor

Learning music can be tedious and it can require a lot of money. Fortunately, for those who are interested in learning how to sing or to play a musical instrument, it can be possible for you to find cheap tutorials. It is possible for you to learn how to do these things at a much cheaper price.

Build Guitar Hand Speed Now!

Watching how Van Halen rhythmically played “Eruption” is a thing of a beauty. But playing the same song could be your worst nightmare! Well, not anymore!

Essential Guide to Develop Guitar Aural Skills

Have you tried to come up with a great new lick only to end up with a blank stare at your guitar? Have you experienced not knowing how to transcribe the correct notes for a particular song? Is there a way to know the difference between a Major and a Major 7th without even trying so hard?

Your Official Guide to Country Guitar Playing

When you talk about guitars, country music will always come into picture. Those cowboy hats, wide ranches and horses always come to mind. Country music began in the 1920’s, taking its roots from folk and western cowboy music.

Your Cool Funk Guitar Guides

During the 1960’s African-American musicians decided to get adventurous by blending Soul, jazz, R&B with danceable melodies. What they come up with is a musical revolution that became synonymous to the 1970’s and late 60’s: The Funk. The typical instruments of funk are electric guitar and bass, Hammond organ, drums, and saxophones.

How To Choose An Ideal Guitar For Kids

All kids have great potential in music. It is our responsibility as grown-ups to help them build a solid foundation in music by providing them with adequate training and proper guidance. Not only that, a good foundation in music will help broaden their understanding about different facets of life such as arts and culture.

Why Not Learn To Play Piano?

Learn To Play Piano Man! There is never a more distinguishable sound than that of a piano. No matter when or where you hear it for the first time, the tone of the instrument stays imbedded into the deepest corners of the brain.

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