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Training Your Fingers to Be Faster for the Guitar

Learning the guitar properly takes lots and lots of practice – this is also valid for all the sub-parts involved in learning the instrument, and if you want to really get good at it, you will have to invest some time in the whole ordeal. The good news is that with persistence and practice you can only get better and better as time goes on.

American Fingerstyle Guitar – A Unique Instrument

The guitar is largely associated with American culture nowadays, as it’s managed to make its way to every corner of this nation. Just like the modern classical guitar was really refined by the Spanish people, the modern acoustic steel-string guitar is a largely American version of the instrument. Many of the great innovations during the last century were made in the shops of C.F. Martin, Orville Gibson, Taylor and others – the instrument keeps getting improved all the time too, responding to the demands on modern master players as they push farther towards the limits of what the instrument is capable of.

Buying a Good Second Hand Guitar

It’s not difficult to get a good guitar for relatively little money if you go second-hand – but you have to be extra careful if you’re buying used, to ensure that you’re spending your money on something worth it. When you’re on a limited budget yet you still want to get a somewhat good guitar, you should consider the option of buying a used one. For a relatively low price, you can buy a guitar which will suit all of your needs more or less fine,…

The Pentatonic Guitar Scale – A Must Know

There are different types of guitar scales that you can learn – some arguably more useful than the others. And while having a good general overview is important, there are some things that are simply a must-learn in order to get good – like the pentatonic scale.

Finding the Right Song Covers a Wide Range

A singer’s search for a great song covers a wide range of possibilities. Great songs are like gold bullion; they’re not simply lying around waiting to be picked up by just anybody. They are valuable commodities, and this doesn’t offer much hope to the young singer looking for original song material. However if a singer thinks outside the box they can find the places where great songs are just waiting to be found.

Buying Your First Guitar – What To Know

The guitar is among the most popular choices of the first instrument to learn. It’s not difficult to pick up initially, but on the other hand offers lots of room for improvement and mastering, and there’s a strong community around guitar players which means that you can easily find others who share your interest in the instrument and exchange ideas and experience.

Overcoming Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety

I used to have horrible, debilitating stage fright. Not anymore. Here’s how I faced my fear and overcame stage fright.

Pro Dubstep Maker – Sound Professional by Using Samples

You can’t always rely on pre-made sample packs out there if you truly want to be a professional Dubstep Maker or live DJ. If you are ready to go to the next level in your production then you must take a step outside of the box. The DJ box, in my personal opinion, are those that get their hands on FL studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic or whatever program you prefer, and simply use the provided sound library.

Dubstep Beat Maker – Some Great Production Advice

This article about learning to become a pro Dubstep Beat Maker deals with other important issues that you need to have completely resolved before you can even think of embarking on a path of Dubstep beat making. We’ve dealt with a lot of elements regarding software, hardware and production techniques, yet now we’ll dive into the “behind the scenes” work that every DJ must have completed. So without taking up too much time let’s see what the next part of this complete tutorial looks like.

Give Your Kids The Gift Of Music

Many parents want to ensure that music is a part of their children’s lives. Although you certainly do have many choices that are available for your child, allowing them to learn the piano is perhaps the one that is chosen most frequently. After all, taking piano lessons can lead to them having a lifelong opportunity to enjoy music. It also has many other benefits as well, as we will discuss the course of this article.

How to Become a Famous Singer – 7 Tips

Two keys to becoming famous are connecting with your potential audience and providing them value. Today it seems this is done fastest through video. In this article, we look at seven keys to becoming famous.

Where to Look When Playing From the Organ Score of 3 Staves?

Many beginner organists struggle with reading 3 staves of organ score. They have the obvious question – is it possible to look at all 3 of them simultaneously or is it better to pick one part and focus on it exclusively while playing the others from memory? Or perhaps is there another solution to this intricate problem? In this article, you will find some tips for your organ practice which will help you to read organ scores easier.

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