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How To Teach Yourself Keyboard and Piano From Books

Do you like the idea of being a self taught keyboard or piano from only books? Are you a motivated person, who is good at sitting down and focusing on something without the support of a teacher or fellow colleagues? Some people are great at disciplining themselves and once they get something in their head that they want to do, then they will dedicate regular time slots to practice.

5 Tips For Learning How to Play Keyboard Using Online Resources and Music Courses

You can use a hobby such as playing keyboard or piano to break the ice with someone new that you meet. People are always interested in other people’s hobbies and pastimes. If you talk to someone whether it be on the way to work sitting on the train, walking to the bus stop, walking the dog, as soon as you tell them that you play keyboard, it will instantly make your conversation more interesting and people will be interested in what you are going to say.

Ear Training Tips For Becoming A Better Guitarist

If you want to be a good musician, it’s not enough to be good in playing the guitar or bass. You may handle all the techniques but if you cannot recognize more complex musical sounds by ear alone you will never be really good.

How to Tune a Drum

Have you always wondered the proper way to tune a drum? Well, in just a few simple steps you can learn the essential steps to make your drum kit sound great.

Christian Guitar Lessons: Am I Too Old?

Can you really learn to play the guitar at any age? Can you learn to play Christian songs too? Why is learning the guitar a good idea at any age?

Why Every Child Should Learn To Play a Musical Instrument

Music has long since been considered a great way to express yourself and increase your creativity. Whether you enjoy just listening, or take an active part and play; music is universally enjoyable. This is exactly why every child should learn to play a musical instrument. Channel your child’s energy into a something amazing by encouraging them to play a Djembe drum.

Are There Advantages of Using Piano Lesson Software?

Learning how to play the piano is one of the most rewarding past-times one can ever engage in. From adults to kids, learning the piano is both fun and fulfilling. It used to be that there were predominantly two ways to learn how to play. One was simply finding a piano and then teaching oneself through rigorous practice. The other way was to enroll in piano school or hire a piano lesson instructor. But with new technology, there is now piano learning software that can walk one through how to play even the most complex tunes in no time at all. But are there any advantages of using piano lesson software over the traditional method of simply enrolling in class?

The Best Way to Learn Guitar – 3 Common Beginner Mistakes That Will Sabotage Your Progress

Don’t make these very common beginner mistakes! Learn the best way to learn guitar now so you make fast progress for years to come!

The Best Way to Learn Guitar – A Not So Fabulous Fable

Don’t be like my friend Joe, banging out Bob Dylan songs like a cat screeching in the night! Learn the best way to learn guitar and speed up your guitar learning!

Learn Piano – Plasticize Your Brain – Part One

Plasticizing the brain happens at any age. Do it purposefully, with fun.

How To Create a DJ Mix Demo

When it comes to promoting yourself as a DJ, you’re going to need a promotional tool that will show off your mixing skills and you do that by recording a DJ mix demo. DJ mix demo is the core element of your promotional toolkit. Without one, no one is going to know who you are and what style of music you spin.

Reasons for Taking Up Music Lessons

Taking music lessons not only serves to enhance any musical abilities we have. Music lessons also help us decide whether we should continue pursuing a music career professionally or just learn to play for the love of it.

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