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It’s Not About Volume

Many singers will try to “power” out those notes to be heard, which has the complete opposite effect. Lightening up and correct vocal technique will align everything and the correct format will be achieved naturally and without much effort.

How to Properly Set Up Your Drum Kit

Every drummer needs to learn how to correctly position their drums. This article will layout the basic guidelines to help you better understand how to set up your drum kit for maximum sound.

Is It Worth Getting Private Piano Lessons?

Learning how to play the piano is one of the most fulfilling experiences one can ever engage in. For many parents, ensuring that their children learn how to play is not just an after-school activity, its a priority. The question that comes to mind is; should one get private piano lessons, or should one just settle for public music schools?

What Does CD Mastering Do?

CD mastering is a bit of an enigma and a nebulous process when it comes to audio editing. It is the final stage before a record goes off to be replicated and have thousands or millions of copies of it burned. Many people are still unclear as to what is the purpose of CD mastering? The purpose of CD mastering is three fold, and in this article we will identify each one.

Learning Guitar Chords – Step by Step

Learning guitar chords is a very rewarding endeavor. By doing so, you will be able to play your favorite songs as well as entertain your friends and family. Here then is the step by step process I go through when learning guitar chords. Just follow along with your guitar and you will be cranking out Bob Dylan songs in no time!

3 Hurdles to Learning Guitar Chords That All Beginners Go Through

There are 3 major hurdles to learning guitar chords. All beginners have to face and overcome these hurdles if they want to be able to play the guitar and sound good. I will share with you what these hurdles are and how to overcome them.

The First Steps to Learning Guitar Chords

This first step on the journey to learning to play the guitar is to begin learning guitar chords. For most beginners this is also where the first real stumbling block gets thrown up in their way. Below I am going to outline the process I use to learn new chords and have followed for the last twenty years or so.

Beginners Guitar Blueprint Clean and Simple

Something that most beginning guitarists tend to do right from start is use too much distortion when they are practicing. Notice I said practicing, and not playing. There is a big difference between to the two. If you get this right you’ll be aligned for success, but if you get if wrong you’ll likely not reach your full potential as a guitarist.

Drum Lessons: Learning Drums Online

Having your drum lessons from a local music store is quite costly. However, there are different options that can save a lot of cash at the same time as being more convenient. You can take drum lessons on the Internet whenever you want to. By simply searching it on your computer, you will see that there are many websites that offer this facility.

Learn Piano – Plasticize Your Brain – Part Two

Plasticizing your brain can be fun. It is definitely useful, and takes place at any age.

What Is the Best Way to Get Out of a Guitar Rut?

The dreaded guitarist rut, so easy to get into so difficult to get out of. Someone one said that the thing a human being learns the fastest is how to get into a rut. Bad habits once learned can hold us back for years. If you’re serious about guitar you need to know how to get out of a rut – fast!

5 Starter Resources For Learning Piano

Learning piano can really be a great hobby. No matter what age you are the rewards of studying piano can be plentiful. In this article we are going to discuss some of the basic material you will need to get started in your piano learning journey.

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