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The History and Roots of Dubstep

Now Skrillex has won a Grammie, dubstep as a genre has been thrust on to the world stage and earned a well deserved place in the global music scene. Here’s the lowdown on some of the musical pioneers who helped launch one of the most exciting new musical developments in the last 20 years.

Why You Should Take Guitar Lessons

While so many beginning guitarist would like to teach themselves, it is really best to try out guitar lessons. Taking guitar lessons will help you learn faster, keep playing, and give you a personalized learning plan.

Advantages of Having a Mentor in Organ Playing

In order to achieve success in organ playing, you need to have some guidelines and someone who can help you to reach your goals. This is why having a good mentor, instructor, or a coach is vitally important if you are serious about playing organ. In this article, I will describe the ways how a mentor can help you advance in organ playing.

Organ Playing: Why Developing the Left Hand Technique Is More Difficult Than the Right Hand

When it comes to building your organ technique, very often you will notice how weak your left hand is. Moreover, when you continue playing the organ, your right hand might improve but your left hand still might be underdeveloped. This realisation causes a lot of frustration among organists. In this article I will explain why it is much more difficult to develop the left hand technique than that of a right hand and how to overcome this problem.

The Musical Clock

The Circle of Fifths is one of the most important tools in your musical kit bag. Memorize it in reverse order as it will be useful in many situations!

Are There Tools for Learning Guitar?

Tools for Learning Guitar. All guitarists love learning, whether you are a novice or a skilled player you will always be looking for the best tools for learning guitar. I have found the easy way to learn songs quickly is to find out how the songs tablature is arranged. There are thousands of guitar tab books out there with your favourite artists music in it.

4 Tips on Achieving Relaxation While Playing the Organ

When it comes to playing the organ, one thing is always important – your body should feel relaxed. For people with lots of correct playing experience this all comes naturally (but not always). For organists who have just recently started playing, or for those resuming practicing after years of silence relaxation isn’t something very easy to achieve. However, to be relaxed while playing is crucial because not only you are using your body the right way but also you are preventing mistakes. In this article, I will share with you 4 tips which will help you to achieve relaxation while playing the organ.

What Makes a Professional DJ and Mobile Disco

In this article I will advise and explain what tools you need to operate a full mobile disco. I will also let you know what attributes and skills the DJ will need before working as a mobile DJ.

What Every Piano Student Needs to Know About Staccato

This article explains the meaning of “staccato” for pianists. It demonstrates why “staccato” is often misunderstood, and why it therefore loses its effect.

Learning How to Play Musical Instruments

Many people today are aware of the great benefits learning to play a musical instrument can have on their lives, including emotionally, academically, and mentally. For this reason, Many parents and teachers encourage their children or students to practice music and participate in musical functions, regardless whether the child will make music a lifelong pursuit and a career.

What’s the Best Age to Learn Music Composition?

Parents often wonder when is the best time for their child to learn to write their own music. Fortunately, Ludwig Beethoven answered that question for parents seeking answers from successful composers.

Discover the Top 5 Easy High Quality 20th Century Organ Collections

Although the golden age of organ music could be considered the Baroque period, this type of composition also blossomed in later times. In the 20th century, modern composers wrote pieces which were dissonant in their harmonic language, employing complex rhythms and sophisticated melodic lines. Such music, though being very popular among the advanced organists, generally are too complicated for amateurs, beginner organists, or for organists with limited technical abilities. Therefore, such organists are in constant need to identify the easy collections of modern organ music with a high artistic level. In this article, I will share with you the list of 5 collections of 20th century organ music, which you can use for your practice, service playing or recitals.

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