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How to Play Hymns on the Organ – 24 Powerful Techniques to Try Today

When it comes to organ hymn playing, everyone has their own style and favorite techniques. What is your favorite way to play hymns? Discover the 24 main techniques in hymn playing by reading this article. This list is arranged from the easiest to the most difficult.

Keeping Kids Interested In Piano Lessons

Can’t get your kid to practice piano? Find out how you can make piano lessons far more fun and rewarding for your kid, instead of a chore and a hassle.

Emotional Feeling Songs: Compose a Subtext

Emotional feeling songs are especially lyric-driven and must convey how the subject of the song is feeling. Songs — especially ballads — must be clear and honest, yet visual and compelling. You must live your songs and know what you are singing about and why. Create a subtext back story that makes it clear something real is happening in the song. And it’s funny how just thinking about what the words mean will actually help make you sing better.

How to Focus on Learning New Organ Pieces for Church Services Rather Than Sight-Reading?

Many church organists have a dream in giving their best on Sunday services and learning new pieces to enhance their worship playing. However, sometimes they might lack motivation to practice new music because their might have good sight-reading skills. If you find yourself in this situation, I will give you some ideas which will help you to solve this problem and to advance in organ playing.

How to Guide for More Realistic MIDI Drum Programming

Do your MIDI drum parts suck? Do they like life and sound like they were played through a casio keyboard? Here is a handy guide to making those drum parts more realistic and lively.

Teaching Guitar – How to Attract New Students Using Facebook

This article will give you an effective marketing strategy you can use to attract new guitar students. It’s simple to set up, costs nothing and all you need is a Facebook account.

What Are the 6 Methods in Playing Hymns on the Organ?

Hymn playing is essential for every church organist. Although generally we use only one technique, very often you can enrich your service playing by using a variety of ways to play hymns. In this article, you will discover the 6 main methods in playing hymns on the organ.

Piano Improvisation – 4 Ways to a Fun Jam Session

Being able to “jam out” with other players is a great reason to learn how to improvise on piano. The more you “jam” or play with others, the better your improvisation skills will get. Here are a few things to keep in mind while jamming out with others.

Dubstep Creator Software – Downloading the Best Software and Hardware Info

There are a lot of aspects to evolving into a solid Dubstep creator and live DJ, which one must master prior to being able to officially become a professional. These elements do not necessarily have to be pure technique, even things like sound are crucial to be able to obtain the versatility we all seek within our production. Knowledge in what sounds to use where is just one of the keys that will open new doors within the overall value when producing new songs. That is why I have decided to give a general overview of what is needed from A-Z to becoming a prominent DJ in any genre, yet this article is more dedicated towards Dubstep.

How I Overcome Frustration When Playing the Organ – 6 Tips for Your Organ Practice

Many organists tell me that mistakes can be very difficult to fix in organ playing. If they fail to correct the mistake or can’t play the piece fluently and without interruptions, they feel like they have to give up practicing organ and do something else. In this article, I will share 6 tips with you of how I overcome frustration when playing the organ.

How to Make Dubstep Music – Downloading Software and Production Tips

With rising popularity, amateur and professional producers alike are seeking information on how to make Dubstep music to get in on this ever-expanding genre. If you do have experience with sequencing Dubstep music within a digital platform, you are already well versed on certain key elements that will definitely “up” the overall value within your next production, bust before we can conclude there still are other elements that need to be taken into consideration in order to truly go to that “next” level.

Download Dubstep Maker Software – Install and Improve Your Production Skills

To get started in production of this digital genre, you will first need to download suitable dubstep maker software. DUBturbo is a great place to start and can be found on our website, at the bottom of this article, once you finish reading. This is the only downloadable software with Dubstep production capabilities.

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