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Chords Extensions Explained

Chords extensions are a a way to give more “life” to your piano playing, guitar playing, or any instrument that can play chords. Knowing how and when to use them can greatly improve your playing, and give you a rich, profession sound with very little extra effort.

Electro Acoustic Guitar – Learning Why and Perhaps How to Control Feedback

Anyone who plays with an electro acoustic or semi acoustic guitar will know that you are constantly walking the tightrope of uncontrolled, ear piercing feedback. Not the controllable beauty that has adorned many a stage performance or recording, the beast that makes you feel physically sick when it crashed through your aural calm. As someone who has regularly experienced this I wanted to find out why this happens and what I could do about it.

Take Free Online Singing Lessons

There are free online singing lessons that you can take advantage of if you want to learn how to sing better. Here are three sites that you can check out.

Voice Training Techniques To Help You Sing Better

To sing better, you need to learn voice training techniques. You will learn several here.

Increase Vocal Range With Practice

People would like to learn how to increase vocal range. This article gives you several tips on how to achieve that.

The Benefits of Collective Music-Making for Youth

Children and youngsters can greatly benefit from making music together in a band, musical ensemble or orchestra. Among the individual benefits that collective music-making provides are: confidence, development of a sense of aesthetics, teamwork, problem-solving skills and deep focus, discipline, striving for excellence, leadership, determination, self-worth, perseverance, cooperation and coexistence, competitive spirit, and academic success. This article was inspired by The Venezuelan System of Children and Youth Orchestras, better known as “El Sistema”. This system of youth orchestras has benefit thousands of children through collective music-making practice.

Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Play Piano

Are you thinking of learning a musical instrument? Then you should consider learning how to play the piano. Here are the reasons why.

Singing Lessons – The Back and The Breath

Learning to sing isn’t as difficult as one might think. How we think about singing makes all the difference. For example, many of us think of our voice as being just the head, neck and chest, when in fact we need to use the whole body to sing, focusing on certain parts with absolute clarity, using the rest of the body to facilitate this focused action. And the back is also an intrinsic, vital part of the vocal instrument.

A Guide To Buying Guitar Strings

Excellent guitar strings guarantee that the instrument you’ve always dreamed of gives you a tune with a super added sting. Because the strings that primarily were included with the guitar wear out eventually, or even separate, you’ll have to buy guitar strings once again. The first step when you need to get a new one is knowing the sort of guitar you own.

Are Online Piano Lessons Right For You?

This article is for anyone who is learning, or wants to learn, to play the piano. It deals specifically with the topic of online piano lessons.

Pick and Flick Acoustic Guitar Technique

I was taught this technique by several guitarists/singers who were playing on the London folk scene in then ’60s. My stage name was Mark McCann.”Pick and Flick” is a technique used by acoustic guitarists who wish to add rhythm to their music by adding a simulated “snare drum beat”. I may even have coined this term myself. I seem to remember that I did but it was a long while ago… I certainly did not invent the technique. It is accomplished by a sharp striking of the strings near the bridge usually with the second finger nail of the right hand. The first time I saw the technique in its infancy was when used by Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Davy Graham and others. They used it intermittently for effect but it was perfected by the wonderful Nic Jones later. His album “Penguin Eggs” with tracks like canadee-i-o and farewell to the gold are supreme examples of mastery of the technique. Nic kept a steady “snare beat” throughout the songs and developed a completely unique style.

What’s The Best Order For Guitar Pedals?

Let’s have a look at the most common guitar pedals used by guitarists today and see what are the best ways to order them in the signal chain. The best way to look at this is to consider what sound you want to come out of the end of the signal chain as each guitar pedal will effect the sound of the one that follows.

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