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3 Tips to Finding Your Own Singing Voice

So you have been doing your vocal exercises working on your breathing, developing your repertoire and generally improving your singing on all fronts. Now it is time to go a step further and work at a deeper level to bring out your own individual sounding singing voice. What is going to make your voice stand out from the crowd?

Things to Consider When Playing Acoustic Guitar

Depending on a person, playing acoustic guitar may be easy or hard. Sure, it has its own share of difficulties but with the right tools and process, it may not be as hard as you first thought.

Music Lessons: Choosing an Instrument

Learning how to play an instrument by taking lessons on music offers a lot of advantages. It can help you improve your memory, boost your self-confidence, and discover your musical talents.

Auditioning for a Guitar Gig

Getting the chance to audition for a guitar gig is both an exciting and stressful experience. After all those guitar music lessons you’ve taken, you now have an opportunity to let other people know just how amazing a guitarist you are.

What to Do When You Have Songwriter’s Block

You’re trying to make a song and write the lyrics but you’ve been staring at a blank piece of paper or the computer screen for hours. What you’re experiencing is most likely songwriter’s block, something that can happen to every songwriter.

Ways to Make Boring Piano Lessons Exciting

Are you getting bored with your lessons on how to play piano? Then you might need to jazz up those boring practice sessions. To keep you motivated, here are some tips to turn those boring lessons into exciting sessions that’ll inspire you to take your piano playing skills up a notch:

Hand, Wrist, and Body Positions When Playing the Piano

Playing the piano is not just an art. It’s also a physical activity that requires forceful strikes from each of your fingers, causing the muscles on your hands, wrists, arms, and back to exert effort as you hit each note.

Tips for a Successful Piano Recital

The piano recital is an event where you’ll be able to show others what you’ve learned from all those pianos lessons, and how you’ve progressed as a pianist. It can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking event, especially if it’s your first time to play the piano in front of a crowd.

Improving Your Guitar Playing Speed

Playing chords fast and accurately are two inseparable skills you need to develop when learning how to play the guitar. However, it takes lots of practice, patience, and discipline to be able to play all those complex guitar chords without missing a note and the beat.

Learn How to Play a Guitar Solo

As someone who’s just starting to learn to play guitar, you might think that creating and performing a solo is a very difficult task. However, it’s a fairly simple skill you can develop through a basic understanding of improvisation and lots of practice.

What to Consider When Choosing a Guitar Amp

The kind of guitar amplifier you use has a great impact on how your instrument will sound. Using the wrong amp can make you sound bad even if you’ve spent hours of guitar lessons in perfecting your killer fretwork and technique.

Let Go of the Presets in Your Mind

Someone said it takes one person to say freak this! And that’s how punk music was made. Industrial music is the evolution of this rebellion.

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