? Learn How to Play “Presence of the Lord” on Guitar – Song Lesson Overview – TrueFire

The Suzuki Piano Method – Is It Right for Your Young Child?

The Suzuki method of music instruction has a reputation for achieving outstanding results, even with very young children. But is it truly the best method for developing lifelong music makers?

Voice Training Lessons – Singing Techniques to Protect Your Voice

Vocalists are always at risk of damaging their voices. In many ways, a professional vocalist is like a professional athlete. Athletes must use their bodies for more than just excelling at their sport just like a vocalist must use his or her voice for more purposes than singing. With this kind of use, then, vocalists must be especially careful to protect their voices during every day uses like conversing, cheering, shouting, or even recreational singing.

Things To Consider Before Using a Side Chain

In this article we are going to discuss what side chaining is, how to properly set one up, and what options you should consider before using this powerful mixing tool. This tutorial will teach you the tools necessary to help your mixes become more professional.

Guitar Quality Holding You Back?

Can the quality of your guitar hold you from being the best guitar player you can be? The answer is sort of tricky because it could be yes and no! If you are a beginner, you certainly don’t need a Les Paul Custom and a Marshall Stack to become a great guitar player.

How Do I Get That Billy Gibbons Guitar Sound?

I very often listen to guitar players talking about the fact that having coughed up for a set of endorsed humbucker pickups, they can’t for the life of them determine why their tone is not more reminiscent of the guitar stars they wish to emulate. Here’s why.

How To Make Dubstep in 6 Easy Steps

Understand what Dubstep is. I will assume that you are already familiar with the genre and can recognize easily the Dubstep sound. If not, you should spend some time listening to it.

A Guide to Microphones and Good Microphone Technique for the Novice Vocalist

As a novice vocalist at some point you will make the step from singing into your hairbrush to standing on a stage using a microphone. This article details some of the important techniques that should be practised so you can get the very best sound from a microphone during your live performances.

Guitar Speed Picking Warm-Up Exercises

As a long time guitar teacher, I often notice that many of my students do not warm up before they practice their guitar. They simply just pick up the guitar and start working on blazing on different speed picking techniques or whatever they might be working on at the time. Not only is this limiting your actual progress, but i can actually hurt you if your not warmed up before you start putting your hand and finger through strenuous challenges immediately upon picking up the guitar.

How to Choose a Good Tutor to Teach You How to Play Keyboard

Having the opportunity to play keyboard is exciting rewarding and challenging. You may have different ideas about how you want to start learning, and there are endless options and a wide variety of different ways you can learn. It may be that you are the sort of person, who is very dedicated to study and can buy books and learn from books only, or you could be the type of person who will prefer a private one to one teacher, or alternatively an interactive online course might suit you if you have a busy lifestyle.

Learning Guitar Chords: A 3 Step Process to Master the Changes to Any Song

The process of learning to play guitar chords is very rewarding, but it can be difficult. Here are the three steps that I go through to learn and master the chords to any song.

The First Steps Toward Effectively Learning Guitar Chords

Learning guitar chords is an important first step in learning to play the guitar. There are about as many ways to go about learning guitar chords as there are guitarists. I am going to talk a little bit about the method I have found works best for me and my students.

Playing The Piano – Back To Basics No 1: Sitting At The Piano Keyboard

There are some basic things about learning to play the piano that tend to get overlooked, especially if you are teaching yourself to play. One of these is sitting at the piano and your posture when doing so. This article aims to help you make sure you are appropriately poised over the piano keyboard so your playing achieves its greatest potential.

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