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What Are the Top 5 Easy High Level German and French Romantic Organ Collections?

The organ music of 19th century France and Germany forms a foundation of the entire Romantic organ repertoire. The problem is that unless organists have very solid piano technique in addition to their organ training, the majority of the works are simply out of reach for them. So naturally many people wonder if there are some 19th century pieces which could be played easily, perhaps as a preparation for longer works. If you are wondering what music is appropriate for your level from the Romantic period, this article will show you 5 collections which you can choose to practice, play, perform, and enjoy.

What Are the Top 5 Easy and Quality Collections for the Organ From the Romantic Period?

Many famous organ pieces from the Romantic period are inaccessible for organists whose technical skills are not yet fully developed. Such works usually have the advanced pedal part, thick chromatic texture requiring constant use of finger substitution which is necessary to achieve the perfect legato touch. Yet many organists are in need to identify the compositions which could easily be played after a little practice. In this article, I will provide a list of 5 collections from the Romantic period which are easy to learn and wonderful to listen to.

Pioneer DDJ-S1 – Exploring the World of Music

Pioneer DJ gear has been the favorite choice of music lovers and professional DJs worldwide as it incorporates the latest sound engineering technology. There is an entire line of products that you can choose from ranging from media players, turntables, software, headphones and speakers.

Choosing the Best Songs to Sing

How do you go about choosing the best songs to sing? There are certain parameters that define what is normally considered to be acceptable. First and foremost, songs should be age appropriate and in your vocal range. Know who you are and choose songs that you can identify with, wild child, county boy, or classy lady. And sometimes it’s simply the songs you like to listen to and sing along with.

How to Transcribe Guitar Music – A Proven Method

Learning songs from your music library and transcribing them on guitar is a great way to progress as a guitarist. Learn how to transcribe guitar music and you will benefit from the results. This will encourages an analytical approach to guitar playing and will allow to to develop playing guitar by ear. This is one of the best ways to improve. Almost every guitarist will testify to the fact that a wide range of music and versatility will…

Easy Guide to Tuning Your Guitar

If you want to sound good playing the guitar, it is essential to have your guitar be in tune. This is an easy to follow explanation of how to tune the guitar strings.

The Singing Journey – Learning How To Sing Like A Rockstar!

Learning to sing is less of a destination and more of a journey. There are a lot of different things to consider when learning to sing and there’s a LOT that goes into it, depending upon how seriously you take singing. If you plan to sing professionally and make a career out of entertaining with your voice, you’ll probably spend a lot more time, money and energy on learning to sing than a hobbyist.

Learning How to Play the Guitar – How Long Does It Take to Learn?

This is a question my students ask me a lot. How long will it take me to learn guitar? There is no hard and fast, catch-all answer to this question.

Learning How to Play the Guitar – Online or in the Classroom Which Is Easier?

Online guitar courses have been available for students to learn from pretty much since the beginning of the internet. This is a very convenient method for learning and is definitely cheaper than traditional classes. But there are a number of questions that a lot of new guitarists have about these courses, especially those who are not internet savvy.

Learning How to Play the Guitar: The Plan

So you spent all last night staring in awe at the guitarist in last night’s show? Waking up this morning you knew what you had to do. It is time to learn to play the guitar.

What Are the Top 5 Easy and Quality Collections for the Organ From the Baroque Period?

Do you have modest organ skills and only the basics of pedal playing? Would you like to know what pieces are most suitable for your level? It is important to choose compositions that are neither too hard nor too easy for best results. The problem is that many works that are easy to play, artistically and musically are uninteresting to perform and boring to listen to. In this article, I will give you the list of 5 collections of easy and quality organ music which you can use for your organ practice today.

Beginners Guide to Teaching Yourself Classical Guitar

In any new learning endeavour, there will be obstacles that you will need to overcome, and learning to play the classical guitar is no different. By just having the right learning material is only half of the equation, the other half of the equation is how do we apply ourselves to that learning. By following set guidelines, you will be one of those people who will be entering into learning to play classical guitar with your eyes open and informed as what to expect. This will then make you better prepared to deal with any hindrances that may arise.

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