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Tips And Advice On Drumming With A Band

Nothing will improve your drumming more than if you play along to live music. The main purpose of drums after all is to play along with other musicians. Even the best solo drummers of all time have their own backing bands.

How Hard Work and Constant Training Can Make Your Music Lessons Pay Off

Some people are born with a natural talent for something. We are all good at something, some people are artists and can draw or paint accurately and with a degree of imagination, others are good at sports and physical fitness. If you are good at something that you actually enjoy doing and can make a career out of it this is surely the ultimate goal. By taking music lessons and training from a young age you could set yourself up on the right road within music to do just that. Very few people get to live their dream job. You could make it a reality if you put in the hard work from an early age and dedicate yourself to your craft.

Teaching Basics Through Band Olympics

“Band Olympics” is a year-long game used to help students in a band or orchestra class. It can also be used by teachers in their private studios. Kids love games and challenges! With Band Olympics, students work towards finishing and aren’t so focused on the practice part of learning the materials. This method of teaching materials has been used successfully in several of my own programs!

How To Use Key Notes to Make Your Guitar Solos Sound Like Solos

A common problem I see amongst young guitarists, and one that plagues all guitarists at some stage, is how to play the scales and ‘licks’ that they have learned so that they sound like they are supposed to be there, as opposed to just a chain of phrases stuck together. A good improvisor is able to play melodies that suggest the chord progression underneath as opposed to just playing random notes. Students should always aim for the right notes in order to link their scales and the phrases that they have learned form their studies together successfully.

Choose the Best Trumpet Straight Mute

Every trumpet player knows a great mute is going to make your playing sound stellar. But how do you choose the best mute for your type of playing?

Enharmonic Notes 101: The Easy Method to Understanding

Learning that C-sharp is the same as D-flat can be a difficult task for any music student. This article provides simple directions and tips for understanding why we have enharmonics, how to practice learning them, and methods of keeping them cemented in fingers and brain.

Play Saxophone Like the Pros

Although it’s one of the quickest instruments to initially pick up, learning to play saxophone like a pro – or even a highly developed student – is a whole other matter. In order to become great, it’s crucial that you concentrate on the three major areas of saxophone playing: tone, technique, and articulation.

What Are the 7 Benefits of Organ Improvisation?

If you have ever seen or heard skilled organ improvisers creating real music on the spot, you were most likely dazzled by their seemingly supernatural abilities. After such an encounter many people have a strong desire to start learning improvisation themselves. Before teaching yourself the art of organ improvisation, it is crucial that you understand these 7 benefits that improvisation can give to the organist.

5 Reasons for Learning Organ Improvisation

For many centuries improvisation on the organ has been an important requirement in organist position. Skills in improvisation enable an organist to fulfill the duties of an organist on a much higher degree. Before beginning to teach oneself improvisation, it is important to realize the 5 reasons for learning organ improvisation.

Some Beginner Guitar Scales

Every note played on a guitar is part of a scale. Every chord is a group of notes that are all related to each other by their scale. Beginner guitar scales are a very important part of a guitarists learning journey.

All You Need To Know About Choosing A Drum Set

There are hundreds of types of drums on the market so it’s obvious why choosing the right drum set is not an easy task, especially if you’re not into music, if you want to offer a drum set as a gift or if you are a beginner. Here’s all you need to know about choosing a drum set to make your pick a little bit easier.

How to Sing – Yes, Even If You Suck Right Now!

Want to impress everyone at karaoke night? Want to try your luck at becoming a superstar? Either way you can improve your singing ability TODAY by following these 5 easy to follow steps.

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