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Choose the Best Trumpet Cup Mute

Choosing the best trumpet cup mute can be easy and fun. The trumpet cup mute looks similar to the straight mute except that there is a complete covering of the bell.

Guitar Improvisation Is More Than Just Playing Lead Solos

Guitar Improvisation is not just limited to learning scales and playing single note leads. There is a world of stylistic variety from all different genres of music that lend themselves to improvising on guitar.

What Are the Top 5 Most Suitable and Playable Collections for Organ From the Baroque Period?

Every organist who has modest technical abilities has to face a question of what to play and practice. Many famous compositions are technically out of reach for them and some that are easy and short might be musically uninteresting. If you are looking for a list of manageable quality Baroque organ compositions, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will provide 5 organ collections which you can choose from for your practice.

Enriching Private Piano Lessons With Group Classes

In most instances, music lessons are given in form of private one-on-one instruction. The assumption is that teaching is a hierarchical process, where the teacher imparts experience and knowledge directly to the novice learner. It is pedagogically more effective to infuse group lessons in my teaching to address certain “intangibles” and to calibrate the mindset of students. Firstly, group lessons increase efficiency, as important topics only require to be delivered once in class.

Vocal Cord Closure: Some Answers From a Professional Vocalist and Singing Teacher

When we sing, the air that passes up through our vocal folds (or cords as they are more commonly referred to) causes them to vibrate, which is what makes a sound (our speaking or singing voice). The vocal cords have to come close together and resist the airflow coming up from our diaphragm for this to happen. If they don’t come close enough together (or approximate if we’re getting technical!

The Importance of Scale Training for the Guitarist

The benefits to consistent scale study are numerous. For instance, it will help the guitar student learn the location of the notes, and to develop the muscle memory needed to play those notes accurately.

Learning Piano Or Anything Else

Techniques for learning to play piano can be used in other areas. Learn some quick steps to take that will ease up and speed up your learning.

The Three P’s of Playing Guitar (Or Any Other Instrument)

Learn what I call the three “P’s” of playing guitar and how you can apply them to your own playing no matter your skill level. They are as follows: #1: Perception, #2: Patience, and #3: Practice. I believe if you follow these three P’s you’ll notice immediate improvement in your playing.

How to Decide on a Uke Tuner

This article discusses various manual and electronic ukelele tuning methods and the differences between each. The aim is to help the beginning uke player decide the best way for them to keep their ukelele in tune.

Learning How to Play Gospel Piano

Gospel music is a type of music that Christians generally play for commercial purposes, worship and also pleasure. Piano is actually one of the fundamental musical instruments in many gospel bands and those who would like to learn the secrets behind playing Gospel piano, will need to train for a long time. Thus, if you want to learn how to play this piano just for fun or in order to back up your school’s choir, there are a few concepts you will need to learn which will eventually allow you to do so.

4 Powerful Techniques for Practicing Organ Playing Without an Organ

Some organists live in an area where finding a decent practice organ is difficult. They may even have to drive for many miles to play the organ. However, the solution might be quite simple, without the constant need of commuting. In this article, I will give you 4 powerful techniques for practicing organ playing without an organ.

Software Options For Recording

Once you get into the recording studio, there are several options for software that you can use in order to get your sound exactly right. Knowing what your options are for software and finding those that best fit what you need can help you to produce the CD that you want and get your sound waves in the right order. Following are options that you can use when deciding what the best software is for your recording.

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