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Easy Piano Music Can Be Also Be Fun To Practice and Perform

Easy piano music has generally been equated with music that is extremely boring for the performer and audience alike. Remember those school recitals where every second a student played the same Prelude by Bach? But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are a few suggestions in how to get you through the stage of having to learn easy piano music as painlessly as possible.

Learning Piano? Life Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Music fans in recent years have come up with an ingenious system of notating music which doesn’t require years of training in how to read music the traditional way. This will help you learn piano much faster than you ever thought possible.

Learn Piano The Right Way – Without Getting Bored

It is so unfortunate that many people have cut their piano lessons short due to the fear of having to deal with traditional piano music. But it doesn’t have to be so boring. Here are a few suggestions to help you learn piano the right way – without the boredom.

Identify Piano Notes Easily With Some Chutzpah

Have no fear, new ways of identifying piano notes are here! You don’t have to feel intimidated by the keys of a piano or keyboard once you know exactly where and how to look.

Organ Practice: Problems of Electronic Organs With Short Pedal Compass

Some organists have electronic organs with one octave pedal board at home which they use for practice. While this idea is very practical, such organists have to face several difficulties with this kind of instrument. In this article, I will discuss what problems arise when an organist has an electronic organ for practice purposes and how these difficulties might be overcome.

Piano Improvisation – 4 Tips For Playing Keys in Your First Band

Playing in a band can be a most rewarding experience. If you are a piano player looking to play keyboards for the first time in a band situation, these tips will help you tremendously!

Teach Guitar Part Time – How to Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Teaching guitar is a great way to earn some income whether you want to teach part time or full time. This quick guide will help you get started teaching in 3 simple steps.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Try To Learn The Piano Online

Ok, so you are thinking of learning the piano and are trying to determine the best and fastest way to elevate your pianist skills. Or maybe you are currently taking piano lessons and are not satisfied with the results. Learning the piano online may be the right option for you. Nearly all pianists underestimate the difficulty of learning the piano when starting out. It is a tough learning curve. Therefore, if you would like to know how to learn the piano online, please keep reading because this article will summarize the benefits of this option for you…

The 5 Things You Should Never Do As a Music Artist

There are a few things you should know as a new music artist that you should NOT do if you want to make it to the top. I will share these 5 tips with you so that you won’t fall into this cycle.

Improve Your Guitar Notation Reading With Intervals

When you are a beginning guitar player initially learning to read music notes, you can easily begin feeling bogged down when attempting to name each individual musical note and play it. You begin thinking “Just how can they read and play so fast?” The primary reason experienced guitarists can understand music notation quicker is because they’re NOT reading each musical note individually. They are reading the intervals, meaning the distance in between the notes. This is an easy shorthand system for reading intervals.

Guitar Tuning Methods – How To Tune Your Guitar Correctly

Many professional musicians tend to use electronic tuners to tune their guitars, (or get their roadies to do it); these can be purchased for a modest fee from most music shops. For most beginner or hobby guitarists the preferred method is by ear. As well as obviously working to tune the instrument the very act of tuning this way is good training for the novice musicians’ ear.

How to Play Guitar – Basics Of Guitar

Learn how to play the guitar. It’s not as hard as you might think. Quickly pick up the basics of how to play guitar with this informative article.

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