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How to Produce Your Own Songs

Tips on how to produce your own songs. The tips focus on hits, call and response, layering, signature fills and more.

Make Your Les Paul Guitar More Like A Vintage 1959 Model

I’m sure you will find many keen Les Paul guitar owners around who having purchased their dream electric guitar, aspire to make it that little bit more in keeping with the holy grail of all Vintage Les Paul guitars, the 59′ Sunburst Standard. Here I take a look at what we can do.

Ideas on Creating a Successful Marching Band Show

Music Selection is the Key! What audience are you performing for? (you, students, parents and community, football fans, BOA-type shows, all of the above) Will someone leave humming or whistling some of the music from your show?

Learn to Play the Guitar With a Comprehensive Syllabus for Contemporary Guitar Music

The Guitar Rockschool is a grade system for electric guitar students, structured in a similar way to the ABRSM or Trinity Classical Grades are for students of the violin or piano. Moving through the preliminary book entitled ‘Debut’ the course progresses from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and is quickly establishing itself as a standard study for modern guitar music. Never before has such a study been laid out and so comprehensively, and all students are recommended to use the range of repertoire and technical exercises contained within the rockschool books whether you are a young student in need of a structured grade and examination system, or if you are a more advanced player looking to sample alternative guitar styles.

Changing Strings on a Acoustic and Electric Guitar

There is nothing like the feel and sound of a new set of strings on a guitar. They will renew that desire to play and to keep playing.

How Studying A Melodic Instrument Can Help Your Drumming

Tips on how learning a pitch instrument can be applied to playing the drums. Having a drummer’s ear from experiencing other instruments can take your drumming to the next level.

Why Learning How to Read Music Is Important

Many individuals who just started learning piano might not necessarily understand why they should attempt to read music. After all, many very famous musicians have no clue how to recognize notes on a staff and that certainly didn’t prevent them from achieving not only a great level of success but also developing amazing musical skills.

The New Gigging Drummer

No matter what length of time you’ve been playing the drums, there comes a point when to get the most from this instrument you really have to join a band, or at least jam with a few like-minded friends. Drumming alone at home is great fun, but not a patch on the excitement of playing along with other musicians and really driving a band. If you are just starting out on this path, I hope you will find this article useful.

How Much Should You Practice, As a Beginner?

As a beginner, you might be asking yourself many questions; one of those questions is certainly how much you should practice when first learning how to play the piano. This is an age-old question and there is no particular answer.

Tips and Tricks to Play Chord Progressions

If you’re into pop music and want to learn all about chord progressions, you’ve come to the right place. Many beginners will start by playing simple songs, one note at a time; however, it is entirely possible to get down to business and learn how to play and practice chord progressions as a beginner.

Adult Beginner Piano – Practicing Piano Scales

Ask any piano teacher; individuals learning the piano very rarely admit to practicing scales regularly. However, by skipping that important part of your learning process, you might end up doing more harm than good.

Common Mistakes When Learning How to Play the Piano

Unless you have a highly competent teacher helping you learn how to play the piano, it can sometimes be very difficult as a piano beginner to know if you are doing things right or not. To help you understand if you’re on the right track, below you’ll find a list of the most common mistakes made by beginners when learning how to play the piano.

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